Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

Ilza nods as well, albeit a little unsure, “R-ready as I’ll ever be… I’ve… never actually flown before.”

The tamer shrugs. “The birds don’t bite. Clear weather, too, at least over your flight path, so you have nothing to worry about.”

“First time for everything,” Jaspar says softly, flashing her a smile. He stands by the bird, motioning for her to get on first.

“See, I channel energy into it, just like with normal elemental blasters, but it releases the energy in a spray instead of a single concentrated blast.”

“Eh?” Vohman’s brow furrows, puzzled. “I guess that would make more sense if I had ever used a blaster. Just as long as you aren’t going to shoot me with it on accident, that’s good enough for me.”

“I can control it. Just don’t make me mad.” She jokes.

Jevis, though caught off guard, still managed a swing at Pheore before toppling to the ground. He could only hope that the hit had connected.

Vohman gives her a thumbs-up. “I’ll keep that in mind,” he quips.

He manages to score a gash in her back armor, just barely managing to draw blood and earning a grimace from Pheore. Unfortunately, this does not stop her from driving her knee into his chest, moving her other knee to pin down one arm while holding down the other with her free hand. Should all else succeed, he would feel a slight pressure from her sword at his throat.

“O-okay, that’s good…” Ilza nods a little, weakly returning Jaspar’s smile. She approaches the Gukko, slowly clambering onto its back.

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Jevis was dazed and his vision blurred for a few seconds as he felt the impact of Pheore’s knee slamming into his chest. When his vision returned, he would be met with Pheore’s sword at his threat, totally pined. Jevis simply glared at his opponent, hate in his eyes. “Just finish it.” He snarled under his breath through clenched teeth.

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Jaspar helps her out, if he can, and climbs onto the bird in front of her. He checks his pack, then gives the tamer a thumbs up. With a barked command the gukko’s wings spread wide, and within moments they’re off, rising into the sky. Jaspar leans low, holding onto the reins, and Ilza would find she has similar grips for herself. The bird carries them up, and up, and up, until the obsidian crags below are a glimmering tapestry in the light of the setting sun.

“So?” Jaspar calls over his shoulder, his voice muffled by the rush of wind. “What do you think?”

Pheore is silent, her eyes almost blank as she looms over him. She pulls her sword back, into the air as if to strike. But when she brings her arm down to strike, it isn’t the blade - she instead rams the hilt into his mask, right above his forehead.


Jevis locks his eyes on Pheore’s blade. This is how you let it end? Really? Just failing at the one thing you’ve promised yourself you would do all these years? Pathetic. Jevis’s thoughts bit at him, but nothing could be done now, he knew it was over. He prepared himself for the searing pain of a blade in his skull, but was instead met with a painful blunt force, then everything went black.

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Ilza quickly breaks the first rule of anything involving heights, and looks down. The ground falling away from them is very disconcerting. She grips her handholds as tight as she can, bringing her body down as close to the bird itself as she can and clinging herself around it.

“W-we’re very high up.” She manages to say, forcing herself to squeeze her eyes shut. Not that it helps much.

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“It’s okay,” he says, voice cheery. “The gukko has us. Right gukko?” He pats the bird on the neck, but it doesn’t seem to have much to contribute.

@Ghid @Runa @Tarkur @Toa_Vladin @KAI_BORG The night passes rather uneventfully in the jungle, Vohman making various small talk before bundling in for the night. The morning dawns bright, sunrise glowing in sharp contrast with brooding cloud cover off to the west. Vohman stands near the edge of camp, nibbling on a breakfast of nuts and dried fruit as he waits for the others to break camp.


With a loud snort Gladius wakes up, glad to have the night pass. He pulled a small charred paper triangle out of the fire and tucked it in his armour; the last remains of Ekimu’s letter.

With an effort he forced himself to stand, using his sword as a prop. The eastern skies spoke of trouble, serving to remind Gladius of the time they had wasted getting here. If Vizuna is still alive, he’s… Not going to be in a good mood, let’s say.

“Somehow that doesn’t fill me with confidence!” She calls back, gripping tighter to the gukko.

As the sunshine entered Athena’s eyes she yawns, stretching her arms and legs with her eyes still closed.
Suddenly, one of the fragile tree branches under her cracks, as she suddenly falls to the ground in a rather painful position.
“Ouch…” she mutters as she jumps upwards, stretching her limbs again. “I picked the wrong tree…”

Keya wakes up and looks around, yawning. “Morning already?” She asks.

Hitora sits up, having woke up a little while ago. He gets up and starts helping to break camp. “Let’s get moving.” He says.

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Azure had barely gotten any sleep last night. Her thoughts had wandered and it had troubled her. The thoughts were mostly about Reige, how he us free to roam still and that she is technically on a wild goose chase.

Despite her tired eyes and overall lack off posture she tiredly greeted everyone morning. Befote packing the little she had.


Streke would find that after awhile the whistling stopped and was replaced with quiet snorts.

Reige still roamed the region of jungle looking for the source of negative emotions he was searching for. However something clouded his judgement he could sense the emotions but not feel where there origin is. In anger he stops and slashes his sword in a circle around him cutting down a few trees.

Streke smiled as his friend fell asleep.
Soom enough, the fire okotoan would drift into slumber.

@Ghid @Runa @Toa_Vladin @Tarkur @KAI_BORG Vohman finishes his brief breakfast, brushing crumbs off his armor.

“Everyone ready to go?” he asks, looking around at the other travelers.

Jaspar chuckles again. “Deep breaths. We won’t be up here for long.”

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