Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

@Tarkur @Runa Vohman nods to Azure and Keya as they return to the camp.

“I get what you’re saying,” he replies to Hitora. “Can’t say my singing voice is up to snuff myself. I’d get chased out of the jungle before I finished a song. So we play to our strengths. I find things and you… punch things?”

“Great!” Jaspar takes a seat, pulling over his own pack to make sure everything was secured.

“Yes. I punch things.” Hitora said, chuckling. "And I’m pretty darn good at punching things.

“And there ya go. I bet every bandit within a mile is quaking in their boots right now.”

“And what about yourself?” he says, nodding to Keya. “Do you punch things too?”

She chuckles. “I shoot things.” She said, pointing to her sniper guitar and her shotgun pegleg. “With style, might I add.”

Vohman nods appreciatively at her unique choices in weaponry. “With style indeed. Takes a lot of confidence to walk around with a weapon for a leg. Not something I could do, that’s for sure.”

Streke began to polish his shield, rubbing his finger over the many nicks and dents he had acquired.

Dakron stood still, waiting for something to happen.
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“Well, I needed a leg, and shotguns are cool.” Keya said. “Felt like a good match I guess.”

Azure does a " 'sup" kinda nod, acknowledging him but remained silent.

Tarkur continued whistling as he gazed on the stars, looking at the many patterns that used to amaze him as a child.


Ilza turns back to her book, quickly scanning through the last couple sentences before marking the page and closing the book. She puts the book away, and busies about gathering together what little else she took out of her pack, before slinging it over her shoulder, “All good to go.”

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Gladius read it in as lifeless of a manner as humanly possible. With a bitter groan, he leaned forward and set the paper in the fire.

He noticed Azure looking at him, taking extra care not to visibly recognize Athena.

“The fire was getting cold.”[quote=“Runa, post:3697, topic:47931, full:true”]
“Well, I needed a leg, and shotguns are cool.” Keya said. “Felt like a good match I guess.”

Gladius watched the conversation as best he could, trying to draw attention away from the burning letter. If Athena were foolish enough to bring it up, he would have to find a way to handle it.[quote=“BlueJay, post:3686, topic:47931”]
“We are humbled by your acceptance, Lord of the Skies. Tomorrow we can provide you with whatever information you shall need for your new role. But for tonight, sleep is in order. Kiva.” The guard straightens, bringing one arm up in salute. “Bring our ‘shield’ to his new living arrangements. Vizuna’s tower should do, for the moment.”

“Right,” Kiva says. He moves to the elevator, waiting for Morrus to follow. “Right this way, my Lord.”

Morrus gave a slight bow and turned to follow Kiva, his eyes refusing to conceal a single bit of his nervous excitement. His brain refused to pick a specific identifiable emotion to feel, constantly swirling conflicting emotions about in a massive, uncontrollable vortex of thought.

He stepped on the elevator with an air of unease. Vizuna’s tower? I sure hope this Vizuna doesn’t decide to show up while I’m sleeping…

“Did you enjoyed the lecture?” Athena yelled from the tree.

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IC: Icar waits with Vladin for Ganoru, Arion and Sterro.

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IC: “This was way easier than I expected.” Vladin said.

“Perhaps a little too easy.” Icar said, “I recommend caution.” He whispered.

Vladin nodded, as he he followed Ganoru and Sterro, who already walked away.

Icar wasn’t far behind.

“So where are we going?” Vladin asked.
“The Dark Crater.” Sterro responded.
That far away?”

Azure didn’t respond, she had seen him throw the letter in the fire but it was nothing that she bothered making a fuzz about.

She did however chuckle quietly to herself as she heard Athena’s comment.

“Quiet.” Jevis seethes under his breath, dashing toward Pheore with another unwieldy slash of his blade.

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“If you say so. How do you even fire the thing, anyways?”

Jaspar nods, securing the strap on his back and swinging it onto his back. He leads the way out of the room, retrieving his staff from the corner before going out the door. Their path leads them to the edge of the village, and the clucking and squawking of gukko grow louder as the two approach their destination. A single gukko sits ready on the platform, its tamer squinting at the setting sun beside it. He turns, nodding gruffly to the both of them.

“There you are. I was just about to pack up for the night. You two ready?” Jaspar nods, turning to Ilza to check her reaction.

The elevator descends, bringing the two back to the empty plaza below. Kiva leads the way from there, never quite looking back to meet Morrus’s eyes. After a short jaunt through the city’s tangled mess of streets, Kiva comes to a stop in front of an elegant wooden tower. He opens the door, motioning for Morrus to move inside.

Pheore shrugs, tracing her free hand across her lips as she ducks under the slash. She lunges forward, moving to ram into his legs.