Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

Icar gives Vladin a look that basically invited him to start things off.

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“Why me?” Vladin whispered when he realised what Icat wanted.

“I want to see how you handle this.” Icar said.

He sighed before turning to Ganoru.
“You were in Ekimu’s group!” Vladin said, intentionally missing the subject.
“Yyyyep.” Ganoru answered bored.
“Back then you were much more…”
“Much more?”
“I dunno… scared?”

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Gladius glanced up at the traveling party. It was night out now, and there were enough people here to run the risk of having a campfire.

Resigning to his new position, he took a look at the note Ekimu had supposedly placed with their unwanted traveling companion. spoiler[/spoiler]

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Athena climbed in a tree, searching for a spot comfortable enough to work as a sleeping place. After she eventually found one, she turned to rest of the group. A voice inside her was pushing her to try to talk again with Azure. She shook it off tho, being too tired to have to fight again with Gladius who, inevitably, would stick his nose again in their business.

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Lync nods, continuing down the tunnel. She raises her bow into a reasonable firing position, keeping an eye out for anything to shoot.

Pheore dances backwards, staying out of range of his blades.

“You good there? Don’t need to stop?”

Vohman settles down by the fire, leaning back on a tree with his arms behind his head. “Nice armor,” he comments, nodding to Hitora. (@Runa)

The note would detail that Athena was, indeed, allowed to accompany the group and aid them in their endeavors. In addition, it would remind Gladius that it would be wise to recruit others to help the fledgling group in whatever lay before them. Some brief words of support are followed by Ekimu’s signature.

Jaspar knocks before peeking his head into the room.

“Good, you’re awake!” He slides into the room, closing the door behind him. “Sleep well?”

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“Thanks.” He said to Vohman. “Vintage.” He jokes.

“Really?” Vohman asks, raising one eyebrow. “Gotta imagine there’s some sort of story there.”

“Well, it’s pretty old, like most gold armor you see. However it hasn’t aged much, all things considered. We were both sort of…locked in time for a few thousand years. It’s…complicated.”

“You can say that again,” Vohman says with a chuckle. “That’s not the sort of story you hear every day. Well, sorry you had to come back to find everything in such a sorry state.”

“Thank you. It’s been difficult adjusting. Especially after spending quite a while out at sea afterwards.”

“Well, it sounds like you have quite the stories to tell. Ever considered being a travelling minstrel?”

“Nah. Fighting’s always been my strongsuit.” Hitora said. “I don’t make a good storyteller.”:

Ilza looks up briefly from her book, nodding a little, “Nice bed.”

Jaspar nods. “Well good! You ready for some more travel? The last gukko of the night leaves in a little bit, which would have us in the City of the Mask Makers by around midnight.” He shrugs. “It’s up to you, though.”

Vohman shrugs. “Just a thought.”

“We are humbled by your acceptance, Lord of the Skies. Tomorrow we can provide you with whatever information you shall need for your new role. But for tonight, sleep is in order. Kiva.” The guard straightens, bringing one arm up in salute. “Bring our ‘shield’ to his new living arrangements. Vizuna’s tower should do, for the moment.”

“Right,” Kiva says. He moves to the elevator, waiting for Morrus to follow. “Right this way, my Lord.”

Ekimu slows slightly, an automatic response to the inky curtain around him. He pushes himself to pick up speed once more, changing direction to follow the sound of the Storm and Erebos running into each other.

“Listen we are busy.” Ganoru snapped. “Tell us what you want and leave us alone!”
“You are searching for Ekimu, right?”
"We are searching for Blaze. He is Ekimu’s apprentice. We believe that the two are in the same place, and we would like you two to take us on your trip.
“Absolutely…” Ganoru started.
“Give us a seck, would ya?” Sterro asked as he took Arion by his shoulders and pushed him a few meters away.
“I am not risking Vladin too!” Arion protested. “This was meant to be my masterplan! The perfect distruction of Okoto with the perfect audience!”
“Calm down. Now you have more people in the same corner. You can simply just teleport Vladin and Athena in a cave and kill all the others, right?”
Arion freezed a little, the wheels in his mind obviously spinning.
“Right.” he eventually said.
“Perfect!” Sterro said, as he pushed Arion back to the group. “You two are in!”

Athena was watching Gladius reading the letter.

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“And an alright one at that, just not my style.” He says.

Keya sits beside the two. “Hey.” She said.

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Azure returned to camp, she noted the kinda tense vibes around the fires as Gladius read the letter from Ekimu. In response to this she just sat down by a couple of tree roots nearby the camp fire and kick her legs upp against a rock laying about.

Tarkur continued gazing at the stars, while whistling on some old fire region songs.

Virky made her way home to the treehouse in which she lived with her stepbrother Domau, realizing she was home late she decided to be quiet as to not wake Domau up. However her efforts where futile since waiting for her in the dining room was a fully awake Domau, “So your late again.” He points out, “Yeah had some extra errands to run around town.” She explained, “Sure…Just make sure you’ll get home on time tomorrow. I’m going to the mask maker city for the fair as you know.” He said not really buying her excuse but he wasn’t going to make a fuzz about it right now. “Of course.” She responded in a hurry before going to bed.

Ilza shrugs, before nodding. “Sure. Just let me finish this paragraph and pack my things.”