Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

Icar nodded he saw the kid as well.

Vladin stopped behind the two, trying to listen to their conversation with the guards.
“Do you think Blaze might be with Ekimu?” he whispered to Icar, making sure that Ganoru and Sterro don’t hear him.

Ilza sleeps for a bit I guess lol.

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Jevis snarled at her nonchalant attitude. Same as always. He thought in annoyance before charging her again with a heavy, some what reckless, downward diagonal slash using both of his blades.

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The pebble fell from near the entrance, as if it came from somewhere they did not previously see.

Erebos would continue to spread his shadows around the immediate area. It was like a thought, simple to make what was already dark, much darker.

His attention turned to the lumbering churl of giant. Erebos smirked using his telekinesis to attempt to throw the giant to the side and slow him down.

His next move was simple, disappearing into the shadows, Erebos appeared twenty feet closer to the giant, and swung his sword aiming to strike the giant.


The Wolfen quickly stepped back and continued joting down things down into their notes

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The darkness seemed to close even more around the Lord of the Undying Storm. Didn’t seem like too much however; it was already so dark you could barely see anything to begin with. Suddenly there was an all-compelling force; something unique in movement and power, which began tugging on him with immense strength. The world dragged itself from under his feet as the Lord of the Undying Storm went sliding violently to the right.

Unknowingly almost colliding with the journalistic entity conveniently present, he barely had time to right himself before something came smashing into his midsection. It felt like a disciplinary rod correcting faulty behavior, not a…

Looking down in time, the Lord of the Undying Storm saw the tip, the blade the handle… That’s enough. He slammed his arm down and spun, attempting to either rip the sword from Erebos’ grasp or send the figure flying along with it.


Bramble looked up in some concern at Vra’axinni. The recent events had confused him greatly, and he had all but forgotten the reason they were traveling together.

“So uh… What happens now?”

As Tarkur finished his meal took a dive backwards on the ground with his legs still on the log on which he sat gazing at the stars.

Era lands in the city realizing that it is rather late she makes her way too an inn and rents a room for the night, tomorrow the fair would be held according to the flier she had read in the Jungle region village.

Reige continues his search but was slowly losing the trail. Something that frustrated the otherwise very cold being.

Skipper enters the room assuming it’s were the lady he was supposed to meet was located. He looked around trying to avoid contact with the other guards.

However as he walks closer too the rooms center he feels a growing headache and slowly reaches for his mask as he tries too fight a series of unfamiliar and currently unwanted memories. Screaming a name he didn’t recognize, he was at this moment haunted by a life he can’t remember.

He stops in the center of the room he calms himself down as the memories starts to fade, he wants to scream for help but this was no place for a breakdown, as the memories stopped one sentence was reapeted over and over, “Your close, you will soon get your revenge.” He had no idea what it meant but he didn’t care to find out hoping the headache would stop.

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Azure continued her scouting nearby the camp, she didn’t find much but she didn’t care she wasn’t looking for anything in particular.

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“We head to the shore.” Vra’axinni responds.

The feeling of panic eventually started biting Arion from inside, as he lost his temper.
“It doesn’t matter. We will get there eventua–”
He turned around, but bumped heads right into Vladin. Both fell to the ground.

With a slight shrug, Bramble began making the long trip towards the coastline. From where they were, they’d be lucky to reach it by nightfall.

Streke smiled slightly. He tilted his head up, gazing upon the speckles of light dotting the sky.

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“Eh… maybe half a day?” the guard says, rubbing his chin. “Don’t know when exactly they left.”

Jaspar wanders about the town, his mind wandering over various texts he had picked up from his travels. As the sun begins to go down, he heads back to the tavern, checking to see whether Ilza was still sleeping.

She dances sideways, ducking under the diagonal swing and poking at his underarm with her own sword. “Not Jeeves, got it.”

Lync glances at the pebble, then looks at Kryuna with a shrug. @TheMOCingbird


“Thanks.” Ganoru said, turning around and leaving. Stero quickly followed him.
“Should we… uhm… follow them too?” Vladin asked Icar.

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Icar nods in agreement.

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“Hey, you two!” Vladin yelled to the two, catching up with them.
Arion/Ganoru took a deep breath, before turning to Icar and Vladin. “Yes?”


“We have a few things to ask you.” Icar said.

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“Go ahead!” Ganoru said, trying to hide his restlessness.
OOC: I can’t believe that that’s a word.
IC: Stero started studying the two fire Okotoans in front of him. Vladin crossed his arms, doing the same.

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Ilza is awake now, sitting on her bed and engrossed in a book that she’d brought with her.

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Jevis attempted to dodge the jab, but was just a little too slow, and was rewarded with a nasty gash on his underarm. He spun around quickly, facing Pheore, trying desperately to ignore the urges to clutch his would, and instead maintain a good guard position. He made another lunge toward her, swinging brashly with his duel blades.

Kryuna simply shrugged back, then nodded back toward the tunnel they had been traveling down.

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