Okotan Adventures: Spider Saga

Creath glanced over.
“Skull spiders?” He mumbled. “Don’t tell me there are more problems with today’s society.”

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Hoari laughed as he stuffed a few books into his sack. “If only you knew.”


“You’re from Vinhanna? Nice! Never thought I’d see someone from my home town out here!” Chooks says enthusiastically. “Oh, and, uh whatever your name is” Chooks says pointing at Era “I’m from the city in the jungle region called Vinhanna.”



Creath glanced at Hoari. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

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“Y’know, parents forcing their children into marriages they aren’t ready for.” Hoari lifted the gold chain attached to his ear and swung it back and forth. “Guards turning a blind eye to crimes. Shall I go on?” Hoari turned back and looked at creath, then back to jasper then back to jasper. “Found creath!” @rainsong

“The names Era.” She responds as Chook pointed at her

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Gladius stared at the dim reflected moonlight flashing off his sword as its ominous source began to crawl over the treetops.

“Fear is not a word I associate with you.” Gladius turned his bladed eyes on Keya. “I would not miss the opportunity to meet him.”

Chook lowers his hand “Ah, ok, Era!” He says. " Wait, I think I see a jungle scientist right over there!" Chook says pointing at an okotan left of them.

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Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Twenty Three continued trudging through the snow, contemplating how clear headed she been feeling as of late, how she felt more in touch with herself. She’d smile softy, or as close as she could with the facial muscles she found herself with, before breaking into a couching fit, swiftly pulling her snout into the nook of her elbow. The Wolfen soon ceased, and whilst pulling away, noticed a few, small red splotches splattered on her arm. She’d squint her eyes, racking her brain as to what it meant, but was just as quickly distracted by something else, resuming her walk.


Jaspar offers a hand to help her up. “Wow, great find. You should go and get it lent out; you can take it with us for the next few days.”

“Well, nice to see both of you,” the vendor says. “How about some kebabs? Half off for the both of you, just for our hero.” The smell of roasted meat and vegetables wafts over from his stand.

“Really? Sounds like the sort of person I’d avoid,” Vohman drawls. “No pirates here in the jungle, and it can stay that way.”

Risa snaps her mouth shut, half a second away from leaping between the two and putting her shears to good use. Instead she forces herself to be patient, head leaning as she reads what Morrus is writing out of the corner of her eye.


“Hero?” Era asks confused, “No thank you I ste recently” She says declineing the vendors offer, She turns to Chook “were did yo see that scientist?” she asks as she looks around.

Gladius got about as close to a reactionary smile as he could while still being a grumpy old man wearing 20 lbs. of polished steel armor.

“You heard the story, I assume?” He raised one eyebrow at Vohman with a casual air. “The man pillaged and razed villages, and even in his ‘fair’ state of mind he was draining the financial stability of one person to benefit another, all the while earning the title of Fair from those he assisted. Villainous, selfish work that turned monstrous.”

“I’ve known Hitora for a while,” Gladius continued. “He isn’t someone who would become emotionally attached to anyone any less capable than himself. I almost had the opportunity to face Hitora in armed combat, but that was… Interrupted.” He said the last word with a slight gruff undertone, recalling the coliseum’s plummet. “But I have my doubts as to whether or not I really stood any sort of chance against him. Emotionally driven, brash, but decidedly fierce and honorable. Keya must share those qualities to some extent, or they wouldn’t have fled together.”

“Therefore he was afraid too.” Gladius’ casual air vanished as his eyes gained a very dangerous appearance. “So I would very much like to meet this pirate captain, who inspires terror in Hitora.”

“And… Give him my regards.” His hand had tightened violently around the handle of his sword and he almost had to pry it off, suddenly and unnaturally gaining his casual air again.

“You seem to possess many secrets.” Morrus looked down from the bottom of his eye on the Beast King again. “Afraid of something being uncovered?”

He finished scrawling in such large letters that the Beast King might be able to see them if he tried hard enough. Risa definitely could.



Vohman shrugs. "Hey, it’s your funeral. "

Risa coughs into her hand, bowing slightly. “Now, as much fun as I’m having with your wonderful branch-measuring contest, I’m afraid I must excuse myself; I need to get some water. If you’ll excuse me.” She steps away from the two, bowing to the Beast King before exiting the chamber.

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“I saved a young okotan in my village. I’m sorta a mini-celebrity there. Also, I saw the scientist right over there” he says, pointing to an Okotan by another row of vendors. “And for the kebabs, yes please! They look delicious!” Chook says to the vendor.

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Morrus stared at her as she left the room. I wasn’t expecting her to act immediately on it, but whatever… Anything to buy time I guess. Time to be extremely subtle and crafty.

“Okotans.” Morrus grumbled as she exited the room. “Hopefully you and I are similar enough in the department of not needing to drink orally. At this point it seems completely unnecessary.”


“Because you don’t know him and barely know me.” Keya reasons offhandedly. “And it’s something I’m good at hiding.”

“Yeah. Partially of the captain himself, but also by the rest of the crew that still stood by him. Surprisingly, it was quite a bit of them. And hell, he almost tried to fight them all, but I talked a bit of sense into him.” She smiles somberly. “…that time.” She goes quiet.


“I like to pride myself upon being a repository of knowledge, ask, and you shall receive.” Replied the Beast King. If he had seen the writing, he cared little about it.


Gladius’ expression dropped into a blank glare and he resumed running his thumb over the pommel of his sword, not wanting to restart that negativity.

If I hardly know her… Then why did she think she needed to prove it?

Why are you bestowing sentience and sapience to the fauna of the forest?” Morrus narrowed his eyes. “I am still quite cross with you on that matter, and the magnitude of your benevolence does little to alleviate my suspicions of a deeper motive.”

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“Well, a Beast King requires Beast Subjects, otherwise I’d just be The Beast.” Chuckled the entity, leaning back onto his throne.

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“You made them to elevate your status as a monarch?” Morrus laughed his amusement. “I didn’t know the goodness of your heart meant twisting nature to make yourself King.”

It was getting hard for Morrus not to become angry again.

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