Omicron, Toa of Fire + VoLT-1 Update

Hello everyone. Finally, I'm gotten round to posting something again, and here it is! Enjoy!

An overall shot of Omicron. If there was one thing I had to complain about with the design is the grey lift arms for the left arm. I ran out of them in red and black, so they are grey for right now.

Back view. Don't really have much to say about this; it's pretty simple.

Action(ish) pose! Now that I look at it, he looks like he sees something in his hand that he doesn't like.

OK, now it's an actual action pose.
Camera Guy: "Hey man, watch where you point that arm!!"

If you mess with Omicron, you're gonna have a bad time.

Now moving on to VoLT-1. Not updated too much, just mostly some changes of color for the Skrall armor on the legs and face. I swapped the face out for a non-sharpied Skrall armor piece.

Also something new from the pre-update version is a right hand. But, don't worry, the sword arm is still a thing. He can just remove his replacement hand and attach the sword.

A close-up view of the upper legs. I changed the black Skrall armor to silver so he could have silver on the legs and the arms.

Action pose with arm cannons being used. I wonder what he's shooting at, though?

Well, that's about it. Tell me what you think. Until, next time, this has been boostingburitto, and I approve this message.


I like the usage of trans red here, makes it like fire is coarsing through him

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Thank you.

Is that...

Nightshade's head?

I swear that is nearly Nightshade's head from Shadowgear's MOC:

The first MOC looks okay, his arms and shoulders are a little thin.

VoLT-1 looks pretty cool too, but his waist is still pretty skinny.

I took a lot of inspriation from Nightshade, and the head design is quite similar-looking. That's why you may see some resemblance. Here is my head design I used:

Ignore the background, by the way.

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focuses heavily on the backround

There definitely isn't a classified MOC in the background of the picture or anything.

Really nice, the arm-mounted weapons are very creative.

Thank you. Although, now that you mention it, half of the MOCs I currently have built have arm-mounted weapons; Epsilon has a minigun hand(I haven't posted him yet), VoLT-1 has both a sword hand and arm cannons, and Omicron has a shotgun on his left arm.

I think Volt is not too bad with his greebling, and I like the stark contrast of Omicron's simplicity.

@Stoax @PakariNation99 @Yveran @Nyran Thank you all.