Omonyra - Ghostly Spirit Walker of the Cursed Realm

Finally it seems as though some Chinese mystics discovered a way to banish the evil demon known as Feng Lu. And it couldn’t come at a better time. Because at this point Feng Lu’s body count has reached unthinkable numbers, as the entire Asian continent reels from the devastation. The global economy has come crashing down and is essentially paralyzed by the fear of his next attack.

The so-called solution to the Feng Lu problem carries its own set of dangers though. For in this case, the cure may be worse than the disease! In order to banish the first demon, another, more fearsome creature must be called forth!

This one is a bit different in that it is a wraith-like spirit rather than a demon. Which means it’s thirst for blood and death is nowhere near as horrific as that of Feng Lu. But it’s still an otherworldly monster, and should still be feared by the whole of humanity.


I love its wild and rugged look!

I also really like how the purple was included, it’s like dark energy that seeping out from his core inside his body.


it’s like dark energy that seeping out from his core inside his body.

Thanks man. That’s exactly the look I was going for.

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I can’t help but be sad the head wasn’t custom, thought I don’t really know what you were going for…

I love the choice of colors here and how well they compliment his rugged, bestial look.

I can’t begin to tell you how MUCH i love those claws.

And the fur-pieces are just phenomenal.


Nice! I wish there was some purple on the extremities, but the build looks very solid, though simple (not a bad thing).

Overall, yeah, great work, but needs a tad more purple in places.

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the back feels a little bit empty, but everything else looks pretty cool

Very nice!
The build looks great and the color scheme works really good!
The piece choice is really good here as well!

Custom doesn’t necessarily mean better…
Anyway, I think this head works very well. The color scheme is fantastic, and the concept is very unique. My one complaint would be that I think the chest sticks out just a little too far. That’s more of a nitpick than anything, though.


You’re totally right on that. It looks worse in certain poses than others. When he’s hunched over, in the beast-ready-to-pounce stance it looks good. But when standing straight up it sticks out too far. I just wish there were some more variety in which CCBS shell/armor pieces. I think I’ve got every style, and this one worked about the best.

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I know, but I cant think of any oficial CCBS Lego heads that fit in with “Ghostly Spirit Walker”

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Well he’s a panther, tiger type of thing. Just like the other one in the story line is a crow. It’s an animal-themed series. I recently bought almost the entire Chi collection, so I’m pumping out a bunch of MOCs using those parts.


Fair enough I suppose.

He’s a little stumpy, but quite good.

That looks really cool.

I love the colour combination and how the purple is mostly used for the upper arms and legs. Almost feels like his hands are somewhat disconnected from the body and floating in the air, which adds to spirit-theme.

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Very cool, and one of the most solid ccbs mocs I’ve seen.

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oh man i love how that head flows down into the body

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Think some of the photo’s of the MOC would work better if he was in an icy landscape instead of a forest - any chance of you doing a few of those?

One could even say he look ice. I’ve heard the MOC is pretty chill :stuck_out_tongue: