On the Run

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In the lecture hall of the ABEI, the advanced class is being announced to be part of a “peace project” to have a “ready force to end war before it begins”. Bullcrap, Willy thought. They just want a thumb to press down on everyone else.

Vladimir sits in his seat slouching over. I really need a drink to settle this. I’m so tired.
He yawns and sits up to look at the announcement. Nice. We’re big boys now. It’s the first step to communism’s return. I need to grab my stache of vodka to celebrate. Maybe convince the others of my class.
Vladimir sighs at the idea Lets not risk getting in trouble.


Lance was toying with a pocket knife , not phased by the announcement

Felix sits there, his scarf over his mouth. His eyes showed distrust.

Vladimir grabs some pieces of paper and he scribbled notes on them.

As the lecture dismisses, Willy walks up to Vlad. “Hey, what did you think of that announcement? Sounds pretty bad to me…”

Novislav browses through a 3-ring binder filled with various sheets of accordion music. His right leg is raised so that his foot is resting on the chair. His rather large backpack is plopped on the floor in front of him.

OOC: this takes place in 93. No smartphones

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He smiles “I’m fine with it.”

“You’re fine with being forced to fight for the US government, who may use you to fight a war you don’t agree with?”

Having noticed the conversation, Katie gravitates toward it, interested to hear the i pressions of her peers.

Felix listens, interested in the conversation.

Lance cit his fingers while twirling his knife, and blood ran down his arm. Though he didn’t seem to notice

“They never said it was the for the dirt rich, greedy capitalists.” He holds his arm up in anger.
“Those darn dirty mutts.”

“Yeah, they did. They’re forcing us to become US soldiers”

“you shouldn’t be surprised,” said Lance coldly, walking by them as he put the knife away

Vladimir pauses. “When did they specify the US?” He sighs and glances at lance. I could cut myself on that edge. That knife is pretty sharp. Nice.

“In every part of the lecture, stupid!” Willy was quite irritated at this point.

OOC: sorry if I forgot to specify, but yes it is the US

“Now now Will; stupid isn’t a nice word.” Lauren leans against the wall behind him, whatever excuse the 90’s had for headphones hanging around her neck. “Sometimes a true one, but never a nice one. And we’re all nice here, aren’t we?”

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