One-Punch Man!

Dude seriously how isn’t there a Onepunch-Man topic here yet? Anyways; Who here watches OnePunch-Man? I do, and my opinion is it’s the next big Anime alongside Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online. I’d like to hear your thoughts on it.


It’s amazing, though I wish the manga updated frequently

The manga is great the anime is also great only wish that they would make more then 12 episodes

I watched the first episode of the Anime, and it seemed pretty amazing.


It’s so fun

I mean

The ultimate OP hero who lives a funny and normal life while dispatching monsters, villains and other heroes? Quite the original concept

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Is there a English dub yet? I’m really looking forward to seeing it :smile:

I am going to read the Manga when I get the chance. One of the people I follow on Tumblr re-blogs a lot of One-Punch Man stuff and it has been growing on me.

Plus I saw the funniest OPM/Undertale crossover comic on Tumblr the other day.

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I watched the first few episodes, it seems pretty good. I hope we get a worthy angonist in the future of the show, because that’s really the only area it’s lacking in.

That is kinda the point though. The MC is so powerful that there is no one who can pose a treat to him.

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you should send me a link to it because I’ve been waiting on someone to make that cross over.

There’s currently 83 volumes in the Manga so there’s a lot of material to work with when making new episodes.

Definitely worth it!

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Hello BrockLegoMaster. Please give this topic a read. :wink:

Sorry man, I didn’t reblog it or give it a like (or at least it’s not appearing in my likes).

not really…

Seeing as there’s only been 56 chapters of the manga and 101 chapters of the original web comic…


Me and @Eljay stayed up late one night and watched it. We’re both caught up. @Venom has watched several episodes. @Mesonak is “working on it”.


Somebody please answer this.

Nope, not yet. It’s a very new anime, so don’t expect to see one until maybe summer of next year.

Heck yeah, that was fun. This show is awesome.

And Mesonak “working on it” roughly translates into “I’ll see it when you force me to see it, like Star Wars/John Wick/anything that isn’t a Marvel movie.”


the animation is so good, like holy moly ravioli it’s amazing

genos sure is /hot/ (pun 1000% intended)


Stupid sexy robot

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One-Punch Man is the reason why I look forward to Sundays.

We got a fangirl fangirling over here.


Did it end like this?


YES, Yes it did.