Onua Contest Entery: Big_Bads_Of_Bionicle

Hi everyone! I’m Penzy and I’m here with three of my favorite Bionicle villains for a last-minute contest entry! Hope you enjoy! :smiley:
First up is the master of shadows himself: Makuta Teridax!

Now, I know other people have already done this guy, and perhaps better (I’m looking at you aporu). But I had him already to go, and I thought “what’s wrong with a classic?”

Next up, we have the exiled Glatorian Maaaalllllluuuum!!!

I noticed that very few people have been mocing Inika-style bionicles, so I hope this will be inpireing for the fans of the Ignition trilogy. Also, If anyone would like to design printing for Mallum, that would be amazing!

Finally, the one and only, my personal favorite, the most treacherous of the Barraki: Takadox!!

Honestly, weather I’m even eligible to enter the contest at this point of time or not, I’m just happy to share my creations and hope you find them inspiring. Thank you everyone for keeping Bionicle spirit alive!!!



Welcome to the Boards.

I believe you’ve arrived just a day late, but these are still fantastic designs. I like how you handled Malum’s feet and Takadox’s head, very nice shaping for both of them.

Excellent work!


Thanks! Mallum was particularly challenging to get in a form I was happy with so It really means a lot to hear that! :slight_smile:


Dang, too bad it wasn’t in the contest. Takadox, (also my favorite barraki) looks amazing!


Hello, I really love your Makuta design and I would love to build it :heart_eyes:
Do you happen to have the instructions for it? or any more pictures? thanks a lot


I do not currently have instructions for the design, but I can certainly make some! :smiley: Keep an eye out and I’ll get back to you! Thanks for your interest!