Onua Mata Revamp MoC

So after about a year of inactivity, I have decided to return to post my MoCs from the past years to the boards. So to start, here is my most recent one, Onua.

I started off with the arms and basically worked from there, building off of them.

These gear do nothing except add AESTHETIC

Also since the mid section is just this tube and the bars, he has some good flexibility like leaning to the back

Or to the front

Or doing some side stretches

A quick comparison with this quick Onua Mata analog shows that my revamp is quite a bit taller than the original. A majority of the difference is in the leg lengths, while the torsos are a few studs in difference.

However my original intent was a 1:1 ratio, as seen in the fact that asides from the hands, the arms are 1:1.

In the end my only complaint asides from the RED PINS in the thighs is the actual build of the legs. I just feel that they don’t capture the original piece as well as the rest.

I will see you guys later with another MoC. Peace.


The torso looks a little thin and small due to the design you’ve got (reminds me of overalls) but this is a great revamp never the less.


I definitely recommend adding some bulk to the upper torso and building over the pipes and pistons. As is, the moc just looks to empty and insubstantial, especially as a Toa of Earth.

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Looks good overall, but the torso is too gappy, even though I see you tried to make it similar with the original mata torso

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The torso build is fantastic, but not really fitting to the character. It’s too thin and gappy.

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If only those bar pieces came in black

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I love mata revamps. The torso build was a bold choice and I really like it

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