Oonie's (New) Photoshop Art Topic

Hey all. In an attempt to get back into art-stuffs, I’m starting off by getting my creative juices rolling in good ol’ Photoshop. Eventually I should be back to hand-drawn stuff on my general art topic, but this will be a good place to start.
Here is the good part, this topic is open for

1 request per person until that piece has been finished, please. Also, be patient, these might take a while.

So ask away for some Oonie Photoshop goodness!

Here is a recent work for Jay-El and Slim Jim:

"Once TTV’s in ashes, you have my permission to die."

Ask away!


-My general art topic:

-Slime’s photoshop topic that died:


Nice, can you Photoshop TTV Podcast Members as G.I.Joe and the Mods as COBRA?

I don’t have anything worthwhile to request at the moment…

So in the meantime give a bedoubled land couch crab limbs and a snail shell.

Maybe add in mixel eyes if you want.


You should photoshop Slime swiming in a sea of Lego Squidwards.


Nigel thornsworths face on batmans head while hes doing the splits holding all five peices to exodia the forbidden one/s (?)

a plank of wood with nigels face would be nice :laughing:

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You imply that won’t happen in reality by the end of Brickfair.


I need this
to look as lifelike as possible

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I want you to photoshop a giant battle between all of those geometric characters you used to make of members!

Here-a we gooooo!

Superb Arachnid asked

so ta-da!

Then Omegaman said

I don’t know what happened here…

Chronic said

I wish I could say I simply took a picture of this.

BorkenAxles said

So, I said sure.

Then a kaijuman said

And I tried my best

Prenumbra Mantis then requested

So I interpreted it as best I could

Yay, photoshop fun!

See ya next time!



Smashing, I love it

It’s beautiful.

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Crashing through the sky
Comes a fear full cry
mod squad!mod squad! mod squad! mod squad!

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So this is what I get for asking