Opinions on Anime?

I personally despise anime so much that i would like to destroy every piece of it existing in the universe. If you also despise it as much as me, please tell my why.If you also like it, I am disappointed in your life decisions ,tell me why.


I agree.

Reason 1: Numerous shows that are inappropriate for many obvious reasons.

Reason 2: Terrible designs, both for characters and plots. Because anything that is straight up animated cartoons still looks like a cartoon.

3: Immense numbers of episodes, most of which look like the thumbnails of YouTube video clickbait.

There’s more that I dislike, but I don’t want to write it right now.

I’m indifferent to it. I have enough media sucking up my time, and maybe if that dried up, I’d try out an anime, but until then I probably won’t touch it.

I probably would never hate or love anime in general, my entertainment preferences are kind of fickle


It’s not that I hate it, it’s just that I like other media more that I never have time or interest to check out some anime.


i dont hate it - i dont like it much either
when its animated well it looks really good tho (see dragon ball or monkie kid)

Some anime is bad, but an animation originating from Japan does not mean that it’s bad. Not liking anime because it’s anime isn’t a good reason, because the style of anime can vary so much. If you were to provide a reason for why you don’t like it or a specific genre of anime that you dislike, I feel like more of a discussion could be had, but at the current moment, “anime” could be anything from extremely inappropriate adult content to Pingu in the City.


cough cough anime is not a genre cough cough


Yeah I realized that I just have no idea what else to call it.

Edit: you said what I was trying to say in less words, so I’ll just remove my post.

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Troll topic

Also anime discussion topic already exists lol

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When people say they hate anime, it often means they hate a particular subset of anime. But they’re only familiar with this one subset because that’s what their friends blab about and that’s what they see in ads.

Like all forms of media, there’s a lot of different flavors and styles of anime.


just like pingu in the city!


I will add that I think there is a fair argument that most anime is garbage, but I think the same applies to western media.

There’s a lot of money to be made in media, and trend chasers can often over saturate a media type.

There’s a lot of well told and fantastically animated anime out there, if you’re willing to do some digging.


I personally dislike it, but can understand why some like it

On the most basic level, I am fairly indifferent to anime, but I’m going to elaborate, because there are things I do and don’t like about it.

I know that most of the hate comes from three main things, the often inappropriate nature of anime, the extensive widespread use of it in media, and racism.

My biggest problem is the popularity side, as it almost exclusively pushes the “bad sides” of anime. A lot of the positives get pushed to the side, and people don’t get to see it.

For example, Studio Ghibli movies are not only the inspiration for Ghids name, (making him a weeb) they’re also good anime. What makes them good, is that they are good stories with a Japanese coat of paint on top. It changes the art style, and makes the movie as a whole very quirky. Weird sequences or dialogue happen, and you get to sit there and watch what feels like a fever dream. You don’t see these movies pop up online as often as whatever drawing people are smitten with that week, and it’s a real shame.

There’s more examples of companies based in Japan using the anime art style simply because they’re Japanese, and that doesn’t seem to get brought up much at all.

My analogy for this, which I just came up with, so it’ll need critique, is that anime is like clothing. You wouldn’t say you hate clothing just because you don’t like modern fashion, so the same can be said for anime. If you don’t like where it’s at now, that’s not a reason to hate it in it’s entirety.


stop trying to bait me
anime is trash

Are you aware of the Streisand Effect?

Well said Cordax

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“I’m not weird, just different from people who aren’t different.”
― Barbra Streisand

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I would say, first of all, that I LOVE animation, irrespective of origin. Maybe it’s because of the sheer potential for visual inventiveness, or maybe it’s because I’m mildly face-blind and I didn’t like live action TV much as a kid because I often found it difficult to tell characters apart. With that in mind, I think this is simply true: Japan, as a whole, takes animation as a medium much more seriously than the West does. Although it’s getting better, even today, there is a stigma here that animation is for children, and animations that are not meant for children are still sometimes viewed as an anomaly and can face a harder battle getting greenlit by major studios. Of those that do exist, a substantial number are irreverent comedies (e.g., The Simpsons, South Park), which is necessarily bad, just rather limited. There are still exceptions, of course, but for comparison, in Japan, there is a steady stream of animation produced for multiple age groups, including adults, and across a variety of genres, and at a much faster rate than in the West.

So, if I wanted to watch a LOT of animation (and I do), I would be remiss to overlook anime.

(I also have a theory that certain Japanese cultural conventions, such as a more rigid sense of formality, as well as the reduced presence or absence of sarcasm in Japanese speech, and the tendency of translators to use profanity only to punctuate when characters are very angry, makes anime particularly attractive to the socially challenged and literal-minded - i.e., the autistic community.)


Shutting this down , as I feel like this discussion fits better in this topic that already exists