Opinions on the prominent use of silver and gold in BIONICLE sets

Does anybody miss the days of 2002 when the Toa Nuva came out, and they had silver armour, and you were like “oh my god, silver, thats like the most awesomest thing ever, mummy daddy please buy me every single one in the universe ever and all the rest too.”

Now silver seems to be being overused. The Glatorian were some of my favorite BIONICLE G1 sets after the Inika system was established, and thats mainly because the Glatorian just looked so much more interesting. The Glatorian actually looked like they were part of their element. Gresh looked like he could have been made of Jungle, and Strakk actually looked like ice. I was hoping G2 would revisit this, but unfortunately they stuck with using silver prominently, and in 2016 silver and gold has become almost as prominent as silver was for the Toa Mistika.

What do you think? Do you think silver should be cut down on a little, or are you happy with how its currently being used in BIONICLE sets?

Another question: Would you like to see more MOC makers see what they can do using no silver at all? Its something i’ve been working on doing, and it’d be cool if you could post some photos below of your MOCs which harken back to the 2001 / Toa Mata days of colour design.


In my opinion, use of silver or gold should be used only for powerful or decorated characters, as it would make sense for Ekimu and Makuta to have golden armor, but not a novice Tahu.


I am annoyed by how prominent it is. Highlights are okay but I think Gali 2015 has more metallic colors than blue shades.

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Exactly my feeling. Ekimu should feel almost royal, and his Toa set form seems to have LESS gold than 2016 Tahu!

@JoeScibelli I agree. They could have used shades of blue in more clever ways to almost give the impression she was forged from the element she controls. Same with Tahu.

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I really don’t mind either way.

I like having colorful characters, but at the same time I couldn’t care less if they had metallic bits of armor on them.

That being said, the metal shouldn’t outshine the elements, but I don’t mind its use or existence.

I think in recent years, the silver has gotten under control, but I kind of have mixed opinions on Tahu’s gold in his sets. You might as well give him a sign that says “more important than the others”

I despise it because it takes away from the golden mask gimmick so much.

But at the same time, I love it. Gold is very perrrrrecious to me.

@Radiation-7901 I find the amount of gold on 2016 Tahu to be almost comedic. If you put him and the Toa sized Ekimu side by side, i guarantee most people would say Tahu looks more ‘important’, than Ekimu. This just seems like bad design to me.

@Leoxandar Thats another thing i forgot to mention. The Golden masks don’t feel special!

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Don’t get me started on how much I hate silver.

I’ve hated it since the Kal in 03.
(Though that was partly due to how ugly it looked back then)

Gold is better. At least it isn’t boring. Or way overused.

Gold and silver together is the second-worst idea ever.

If silver was only used for weapons and prominent armor(shoulders, Pohatu’s boots). It would not be so bad.


I make a lot of golden mocs…
And silver ones…
So I’m actually happy about this.

We’ll see in about 2 years. If BIONICLE doesn’t end in 2017 like the rumors are saying i reckon we’ll all be as sick of gold as we are of silver by 2018.

They use it mainly to entice kids, since from a young age gold is always seen on or associated with kings or royalty, or just something that’s really really important. Back in 2001 - 03 the big draw for kids was silver, and now its gold. Thing is, now silver is normal in lines like BIONICLE, and gold will be soon too. What are they gonna have after that?

Thats just my analysis anyway :smile:

@Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air I’m not opposed to the occasional set using silver or gold prominently, but its just when its used excessively. I too make a lot of MOCs including silver, but i have only ever made one using gold, which i’ve kept built for any extended amount of time. I usually save it for when i’m building a character with a significant role - since almost all of my MOCs are built tying into one big story.

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At least its not Gun Metal…

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I don’t like it.

A lot of that, admittedly, comes from the perspective of me being a fan of Hero Factory. In the last several years, since Rocka was a main character, we got a ton more gold than I was used to seeing. In BIONICLE G1 it was reserved for “special” characters but then it was made commonplace due to a main character using that color.

In BIONICLE G2, it’s weird, because it’s back to being treated like a special thing… yet it’s just as commonplace as it was in HF. It’s like Lego wants the gold sets to be memorable and unique, yet the gold color is so over-saturated it’s lost its appeal almost entirely.

Silver… eh, I’m more forgiving towards it. If it’s a case like Lewa 2016 where it just dominates his color scheme and overshadows his primary color then yeah, we’ve got an issue, but on most sets I find that it balances the color scheme quite nicely and helps to offset the bright and transparent pieces that are so abundant in G2.



I think silver is more usable for a moc than gold is. With silver, I see it as bare armor, unpainted pieces. Whereas I see gold as more decorative. Gold on the 2015-2016 toa seems to be inconsistent as they’re not Royal or powerful. Just regular toa. The silver, however, can work more because it can be used to represent new armor, stronger armor, or armor that lost paint.

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They should be used in very minute amounts.

I use to like gold. But now I have very hateful word for that color. I remember when it was the almighty powerful dude’s color scheme. I miss those days.

Silver I don’t mind as much, but I still don’t really like it anymore.

@Mesonak I agree. They’ve used it to the point where the effect of being special has almost worn of, to the point where the Toa sized Ekimu looks no more special than a standard Toa.

@CarumSarene Silver is certainly more bearable in large amounts, but i do feel it can take away from a colour scheme. Seems especially silly to me with its use on the Skull Villians. So their bones are armoured? Strange choice of colour for those sets IMO.

In regards to the skull villains, I don’t think it’s more so armored bones, but the actually color and make of them. We don’t know much of anything in regards to the anatomy of the villagers or their ancestors.

True. but it does take away from the silver armour on the Toa. It makes silver seem more like a general colour. This is another way i feel its overused. On the 2015 Toa its in places that i suppose make sense. e.g. Lewa; armoured hands, knees, chest and feet. Now i’m not quite sure what silver means in G2. Maybe i’m being too strict about it, I can’t tell anymore :smiley:

I feel like the Skull Villians could have been great had they ditched silver completely, and went with a colour scheme similar to the G1 Toa Mata. Using a lot of black associated with another colour, maybe two.

It would’ve also been good to add rusted or “cracked” pieces. Otherwise they look too clean and new. Which severly breaks aesthetic.