Order of Mata Nui Files #32: Angonce, Great Being of Virtue

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What’s a Great Being of Virtue if I don’t post him on the TTV Message Boards? :slight_smile:

Angonce, the Legendary Great Being of Virtue has returned! After setting Mata Nui’s destiny in motion by designing the Great Spirit’s Robotic body, Angonce left Spherus Magna to spread word of the Three Virtues to the rest of the multiverse!

Mata Nui’s Destiny is now complete, but upon Angonce’s return, he realizes his fellow Great Beings may have been up to no good…

Custom 3D Printed Mask by Red Star Forge: https://bit.ly/2wyrR0Y
Custom Molded Ignika by SocketBall Masks: https://bit.ly/2Ks7B9x

How to Build: Coming Soon™!
MOC Review: Coming Soon™!

Slideshow w/ Theme Music:

Name: Angonce
Gender: Male
Species: Great Being
Element: Virtue
Kanohi Mask: Artamu, Mask of Adaptation
Status: Alive
Affiliation: None
Occupation: Great Being of Virtue
Titles: Great Being
Personality: Highly intelligent, virtuous, mild-mannered, likes collecting things, treats all beings as equals
Fighting Style: Well rounded in both melee and elemental ranged combat
Abilities: All Great Being abilities, capable of creating virtues that transcend time & space
Equipment: Scroll of Knowledge, Sword of Virtues, alternate universe Mask of Life, motorcycle, hat

More shots of the MOC!

Thanks for checking this out!

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Looks good!

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The net is a bit off putting, but overall, love the samurai athstetic.

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I love the purple and white! My only critique would be that the arms are a little bit to long. Other than that, nice job!

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I absolutely love this, and it’s not just because of the purple! Well, it kind of is, but it looks really cool with the hat and custom mask! Nice job!

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Rather nice build, could use less rubber bands and a red eye-stock.
While the bike is a clear revamp of a past product,it could coincide a bit more with the main build. I’m just praying this isn’t another Toh-ho project reference.
Use other refences.

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That purple Ignika looks sooooo cool!


All the mocs in this post look amazing, the sword hilt is really cool.

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The poses, and picture angles are amazing.

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That Ignika is so beautifully painted! Great job!

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Touhou hijack lol

@Toa_Radrix It’s actually custom molded piece by Socketball Masks!

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I couldn’t resist :stuck_out_tongue:


Am I the only one who really wants context for all the other characters in these photos (who all look great, BTW)? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Seriously, though, this is an awesome MOC–great color distribution, and the mold for that purple Ignika is phenomenal in its resemblance to the original! I also really like Angonce’s mask which fits his character very well.


Workin’ on it :wink: