Order of Mata Nui Files #41: The Shadowed One, Leader of the Dark Hunters

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“Respect is born from fear… obedience as well. And so fear must be restored in the hearts of those who would stand against us.”
— The Shadowed One, Time Trap

Hailing from a frigid unnamed isle in the Matoran Universe, The Shadowed One - Founder and Leader of the Dark Hunters - has arrived! I’m quite pleased with how he turned out! Finally, he has a build that can stand up to any opponent!

MOC Instructions & More: https://bit.ly/3p6Xx7W
How to Build: Coming Soon™!
MOC Review: Coming Soon™!

Slideshow w/ Theme Music:

Name: (Unknown)
Gender: Male
Species: Sapient Matoran Universe Inhabitant
Element: None
Kanohi: None
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Dark Hunters
Occupation: Leader of the Dark Hunters
Titles: The Shadowed One, Leader of the Dark Hunters
Personality: Charismatic, arrogant, sadistic, proud, refuses to be insulted
Fighting Style: Well rounded in both melee and ranged combat
Abilities: Formidable strength, disintegration eye beams
Equipment: Staff of Protodermis, Rhotuka Launcher, Makuta viruses

More shots of the MOC!

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Looks good!

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That’s pretty cool!

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I really like this one.
Keep up the good work!


Well, I have a new headcanon for The Shadowed One’s appearance…

Anyway, impressive as always!


You captured the right chest shape perfectly, and those legs are magnificent, but my favorite part has to be the laser vision.



So many Shadowed One MOCs have this bizarre slimming of proportion, but yours manages to retain the exact proportions of the set and an incredibly uncanny resemblance to it as well. Absolutely well done sir.

I might be compelled to build this when the how to comes out.


Oh, this looks great! Very true to the original, just better.

Only the limited articulation of the shoulders is a little unfortunate.

While I see the friction extenders on the hips, I’m also a bit surprised this can actually stand up - especially since it kinda has digitigrate legs. Did you do something to the sockets or are they just in really good condition?

Need to update my own TSO MOC at some point, too…


I added a bit of sharpie on the knee joints, but for the most part it’s not needed. The tail functions as a 3rd point of support usually and is more than enough to support the weight of the figure. :slight_smile:


Y’know what? This is by far your best revamp yet.


More like the Chadowed One.

There’s so much to love about this build but I really want to savor how you took a flimsy third leg and turned it into an tail that, well, looks like an actual tail.

From the looks of it, it can even help support his own weight while he sits midair, true chad stuff.


Sick revamp!

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Awesome work! I like how you used the CCBS Star Wars lightsaber pieces as eye beams. Very creative use of those pieces.


Very cool, I especially like the eye beam shot!

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Awesome moc like always Wombat!

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Hi. When should the instructions for your other creations like flandrex for example(and I mean instructions like the ones on your patron, with the step by step as well as parts list

That’s a BIG moc! i like it, resembles the original, but better. also i do quite believe that you now don’t have to take the speartip off to launch the rhotuka, which is a plus.

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They’ll all have instructions eventually, but I’m working through requests for other MOCs first currently.

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Got it.

Hey small idea for one of your future Mocs have the overlord dragon head/any of its recolours as shoulder armor