Ordra: Student of the Sword

Please forgive me for the cringeworthy title, the "Student of the Sword" crap, just "Ordra" was too short and I couldn't think of anything XD
Without further ado, the MOC...



(Ayy look backstory made me give Archer a new sword and even a sheath)

With Arhcer

Side and back shots

Heyhey all.

Here's Ordra. She's a young girl who came to Archer for training of in the sword.

... But that can't be right, Archer realizes. Why come to a bowman for sword training? Surely there must be more to the appearance of the flighty young woman?

As for the MOC, since in my pseudo-bonkle "Emmverse" there are none with elemental gifts like in the regular canons, I imagine that the dark orange is some kind of leather armour and the white is a type of metal plating, with the black being the undersuit. Or something, shrug.

Anyway, nobody's given this MOC any real critique anywhere, so I figured that the Message Boards masses could roast it up for me =P
Have at it!


I really like this moc, it flows super well


That's a silly idea. I don't think you need to put that in.

Anyway, I like the sword! this is a nice Pohatu revamp! :smile: /s

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Nah. It's a part of the character, she was built with that in mind. She barely looks feminine with the armour on, frankly.

Heheh. Pohatu resemblance? Other than the chest and mask, I don't really see it. If that's what you immediately thought of, I think I'll need to work harder (I do see the /s, worry not =P)

Welp, it's back to the drawing board on this one XD

(Edited that post into this one so as to not crap up my thread =P)


Well done. I particularly like him armored up.

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I do think the casual/armor less is a bit unnecessary, bear in mind I'm judging from what I see, not the bio.

Don't beat yourself up over the feminine features, the biggest indicator is often frowned upon if implemented. Use the next best thing: Long hair. My suggestion is to somehow alter the head to get hair whether it be chains or whatever.


Plural's Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is Consistent
  • Like the Torso
  • Back filled up well
  • Color Distribution is Terrible
  • the back of the legs are Meh

I would give this MOC a 6.5/10.

Needs a Bit of Work, But Still Looks Good. wink

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The body and neck both are way too short,but otherwise it's a great MOC.

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The color layering does a nice job at indicating that the brown is leather, white is playing, etc. Also there is something about the overall physique of the MOC that feels subtly feminine, perhaps it's the legs. My only real issue would be that the torso is a little short.


You and me both.

Nice MoC man!

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The impression I was given from the few I showed both her with and without armour was that the armourless one should be included so that it would be easier to recognize as a female MOC. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough. (Also, I'm not sure if I gave the impression, but she's not Toa in species or anything, the species in my pseudo-bonkle universe are sorta a mix between humans and bonkles, hence that's literally what she looks like when not fighting, which is 80% of the time)

HAH! Don't I know it!

I'll certainly look into that.

I understand that they're different things but still, explain. Distribution is a part of the scheme, so I'd appreciate if you elaborated a little. I agree completely with the legs though, they were a somewhat halfhearted effort I must admit.

A little, but my goal was to make her look like a girl, not a woman. Probably shouldn't have made the hips so wide, in fact. She's not supposed to be a developed female... (this applies because in my pseudo-bonkle "Emmverse", puberty and development is a thing =P). Anyway, I was hoping that would add to that and so I left it a tad stocky. Sadly, getting that across while getting the 'little girl' vibe proved to be a big challenge.

Your name is Owain
Have I not seen you before
Or did you just change your name to one of my favorite units

I said, "[not] anywhere"
and the BOR is nowhere =P

Whew, that was a long reply post! XD

[Facepalm] Color Scheme and Distribution are two terms very important to MOCcing.

Color Scheme are the colors by themselves. For example, your MOC has a Burnt Orange/ Clay Brown Color and White Color Scheme with Trans. Neon Green Highlights. I personally don't like white and BO together, but the Color Scheme is consistent. It doesn't break from it's root colors.

Color Distribution is a whole other beast. CD is basically how your colors are spread out. For example, You have a Red and Green MOC, let's call him George. George has his colors somewhat close to each other, but not enough to make him look like he is half Red, half green, allowing him to have a fluid flow of color.

It is what makes your MOC make sense. You could have a very consistent color scheme of red and orange, but have it all screwed over from the basic principals of Color Distribution. I've seen this happen to Great MOCs, even Amazing ones. For Example, yours.

Well, that was my little tangent. Was it all correct? Who knows...

Fear my sword hand.

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I do not disagree with what you say but you are confused on the terms. Allow me to explain--

Colors/coloring: you get it.
Color scheme: all coloring techniques in general
Color distribution: One method of coloring parts of the MOC, involving placing colors wherever one feels they suit best
Color blocking: Best explained in an example. Let us say your George has his green in the torso and lower arms, and the rest is red. Now George has exceptional color blocking.

That's how I understand it, anyway, not that that's all the terms involved in the technical side of coloring. I just felt like your George example blurred the lines between distribution and blocking.

Still don't disagree with what you mean, worry not.

That's the thing, George wasn't an example of Color Blocking, he was the opposite. Color Blocking is kind of Meh in my opinion. Also, I'm pretty sure Color Distribution isn't a method, but again, What do I know.

Ah, I see. Something had confused me in your example, is all. Distribution is a method, because it involves placing parts manually and not exactly systematically. Then, there's layering- which is what I was doing here- and a whole other bunch of stuff.

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Let's agree to disgree. :wink:

I have my personal Idea of what it is, you have yours.

Heh, if you say so =P

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I like the colours of this MOC.

You did a good job.

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