Ornek - Fist of Destral (Gilahu's BP Makuta Revamps)

Name: Ornek
Kanohi: Lerwan, Great Mask of Tactics
Assigned region: None
Status: Dead


Created by Mata Nui from a pool of Antidermis somewhere on the Souther Islands, Ornek formed the Brotherhood of Makuta along with his fellow Makuta. He started out with creating Rahi like everyone, but never found this task quite to his liking. Whenever his duties allowed it, he thus practiced his combat abilities and also studied tactics later on, soon advancing to be one of the most respected military commanders within the Brotherhood, even though his duties hardly ever involved more than fighting against small pirate gangs or the occasional Rahi.

His first real campaign was the one against the Barraki led by Teridax. Being well aware of Ornek’s abilities, Teridax entrusted him with taking care of most of the logistics. During the battle itself Ornek commanded the army’s main contingent of Toa and led them to a crushing victory against Kalmah’s forces.
In the aftermath of the battle, when the Barraki had been taken away by Botar and Teridax angrily left for Destral, Ornek again was left in command to reorganize the troops and “clean up”. He was subsequently elevated to Supreme Commander of the Northern Forces and Field Marshal of the Brotherhood, which made Ornek fourth in command in the military hierarchy after Miserix, Teridax, and Antroz. It was in this position that he fought Reppirax’s “Cleansers” on the shore of the Southern Continent and led the relief force to Destral to defeat the apostate Makuta.
Ornek‘s main task in his new command was to deploy forces where needed and to take care, that the army was ready at every moment to defend the rule of the Great Spirit, however. Since he was considered so good at military things and since most Makuta weren’t interested in leading army’s themselves, they usually didn’t bother to ask for troops only, though, but just bade Ornek come personally to take care of whatever needed attention.

Over the years the “Fist of Destral”, as Ornek got called eventually, wanted greater conquests, however. When Teridax declared his Plan at the Convocation, Ornek thus joined him without much thought. Later he employed a Toa Hagah team to aid him in his battles and after Gorast had conquered the Visorak, organized them into a horde and integrated them into the Brotherhood‘s.

When Spiriah demanded some Visorak to watch the Skakdi on Zakaz in his absence and later,
when Kojol requested troops so he could sack Artakha and steal the mask of Light, Ornek followed their requests. However, in both cases nearly all the troops were killed or destroyed, which didn’t sit well with Ornek, since he considered all the losses to have been avoidable (which they were). Especially Kojol’s endeavor cost Ornek a great deal of his standby forces and thus forced him to increasingly rely on Dark Hunter mercenaries until he could replace them, even though he kept complaining that while the Dark Hunters were definitely skilled, they’d sooner run than fight to their deaths.
This exactly turned out to be the case when Ornek was assigned to deal with some pirates on the west coast of the Northern Continent. The pirates from their fortified position prevented the boats of the Dark Hunters to join Ornek’s forces since the Dark Hunters weren’t willing to take the losses. In the end this nearly led to the complete annihilation of Ornek’s troops and Ornek’s death, if not for the sacrifice of Weye, the leader of Ornek’s Toa Hagah.

Shortly after Teridax’s Toa Hagah had stolen the Avohkii, Ornek got a message from Destral which ordered him to kill his to prevent further betrayal. While he valued his Toa Hagah, who had fought at his side in countless battles, Ornek wasn’t one to ignore direct orders from his superior. He had just read the message when Callik, one of his Toa Hagah, entered, claiming to have already killed the others since they were planning betrayal (though actually they had killed themselves to buy Callik trust – they had already heard about Teridax’s Toa Hagah and why they turned against the Brotherhood). The Toa’s plan didn’t work out and Ornek killed Callik after a short fight. Then he began preparations for attacking Zakaz, as the Brotherhood still saw great potential as soldiers in the Skakdi and the island also was of tactical worth if the Brotherhood wanted to attack Metru Nui.

But without Toa Hagah to protect his back and strongly reduced resources in Rahkshi and Exo-Toa, not to mention the ferocity of the Skakdi, Ornek felt the tides of battle not in his favor, for once. When his army’s main body was practically overrun by the enemy’s Tahtorak cavalry, Ornek went to interfere and buy time while one of his lieutenants - Sidorak, assigned to Ornek just before the campaign - already took care of the withdrawal – beginning with the Visorak, which earned him quite some loyalty from the spider Rahi, since they were the only part of the army that in the end left Zakaz alive.
Ornek, still in the midst of battle, managed to kill a few Tahtorak and their riders, but in the end was overrun by the sheer number of enemies – some Skakdi rammed a Devastator through his armor, pulling the trigger, and the famous Fist of Destral vanished in an explosion.


Ornek wore a Protosteel armor like every Makuta. His Kanohi Lerwan, mask of Tactics allowed him to see everything in sight from above, too, enabling him to immediately react on enemy troop movement and minimizing the threat of traps.
In battle, he usually carried a massive sword that needed to be swung with two hands. Aside from that it was Protosteel and pretty sharp, it didn’t have any special properties, though.

Size Comparison with 'nika guy:


Ok, finally that Ornek revamp. Basicaly I wanted the revamp to look very alike to the original - only better. Think I succeeded there. He just turned out a little larger than planned… Also that custom head was a PAIN to build - might maybe work a bit more on it somewhen (especially the top). Guess I could say more, but I’ll leave it at that for now ;).

Comparison old vs new:

And group pic - 11 Makuta done! It gets increasingly difficult to fit them all on one picture. The two other ones that are new - I’ll post them… soon (today maybe/tomorrow - I’ll see)


I had already found the last version to be an amazing, original Bionicle system, portrayal, but this blows it out of the water. In particular, the head is pure eye-candy; I believe that this revamp will serve as lovely milestone for your M.O.C.-ing from the past to the future.

However, as with some of your other M.O.C.s, I am not a fan on the proportions. I’d say that everything ends up looking mostly square-ish, but parts like the shoulders, mask-thighs, and the head (obviously) are signs of improvement. I think what’s the most off for me, though, is that there is no “muscle-mass” in the purple area of the picture below.

Overall, good stuff nonetheless.


Bullllllllky, very very bulky.

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Well, can’t disagree with that. :stuck_out_tongue: Not really sure how to change that, though… technic builds tend to be squarish.

Yeah, I know. The way I see it there are only three options in that regard, though - a) add something and heavily hinder leg articulation (which I don’t like), b) add something and try to keep leg articulation (admittedly haven’t tried that out yet because I imagine it would turn out to be rather gappy and thus look weird) or c) do it like this.
I tried putting the Pakari’s one unit higher but that turned out to be gappay AND hinder articulation…

Glad you like him nonetheless!

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I adore Ornek’s new head.


Understandable, I was just interested in addressing possibly unnoticed issues, but, if the effort to fix them was done, that’s good enough for me.


Great work! The custom mask made of system and technic looks pretty great. That chest in particular looks really solid; keep it up!

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That head is ebin.

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Holy cow the new Lerwan looks glorious-

Liking the arms too.

EDIT: Missing some of the blue tho :C

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I didnt have time to read the whole thing right now, but I’m going to come back later tonight and have a more in-depth look at the Moc and story. Looks awesome, though, and I love how he has a little microphone where his mouth would be


The custom head is amazing. I’ve always enjoyed your building style and this new model is really excellent. It’s also cool to see the progress between the two versions. Well done!

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When you’re at uni and have no access to lego parts :cry:

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Yeah… Bohrok eyes were too big as pieces, though, and I didn’t want to slap on trans blue studs everywhere - that kinda limited my possibilities. So I settled for the “just-enough-to-■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■-of-place-look” ;).

It’s basically just a slightly updated version of the old one.

Needed something there, so I dug through my system accessory pieces thinking perhaps I could find something that works. Found that microphone I didn’t even knew I had. Figured this was my one chance to actually ever use that piece :grin:


Okay, I’ve had a nice long look at him.

I really like it! At first, I thought he looked a little stiff, perhaps his arms were too boxy and shoulders too wide. But I feel that this was intentional, based on some of the pictures. He reminds me of an inanimate suit of armour you might see in a dimly lit hallway with other relics, especially when he’s posed with his hands on the cross-guard- which is an aesthetic I can get behind.

The translucent blue needs a more even distribution, I feel. The six Bohrok eyes on his feet and lower legs outweigh the studs on his arms, which I had to search for to find. The blue on the feet stands out naturally, on the other hand.

Speaking of the legs and feet, I quite like them. They’re filled in nicely and the hoses match the texture of the Roboriders heads, and in tandem with the ribbed textures throughout, alludes to the suit of armour being operated by perhaps hydraulics or pneumatics. Unfortunately, those blue pins stick out more than I’ve probably ever seen them stick out, probably due to the solid colour scheme otherwise. I don’t modify parts, but maybe sharpie the ends of them so they aren’t so distracting?

The body is pretty spectacular from the front; the Mantax armour is particularily well integrated in terms of both colour and shaping. The tubes feeding into it look like a part of a bigger network, which is fantastic. The Bohrok shields are nicely angled to meet the Nuva Boob armour. From the back? Not bad, but not nearly so camera friendly. Maybe throw a bit of silver on it, as now it looks a little bit monochromatic compared to the rest of him.

The upper arms look very nice, with another good integration of the climbing claw, however I feel the lower arms aren’t reaching the high bar you set with the body and legs, and could use with a redesign. Hands? check. not much to say about them; they look good and do their job :stuck_out_tongue:.

The head is beautiful.

Story (I’ll keep it short):
I’ve read before it but haven’t commented, so here goes. It’s well thought out and fits nicely within the lore, and is nice and expansive. The only contention I have with the story is when Callik’s team dies and the occurrences immediately thereafter. Them killing themselves seems a bit odd, but interesting. It reminds me of this story I was told in my History class: This Guy is trying to assassinate the Qin Emperor of China, and he meets this noble who has been driven out of the capital and has a bounty on his head. The Noble kills himself to allow the assassin to Get to the Emperor, and I thought of that when the Hagah commit sui. The problem arises when Callik doesnt end up earning his trust and dies, since nothing is accomplished. I think it would have made for a dope scene to have him slaughter the whole team, a la Darth Vader in Rogue one. Other than that, great job :+1:

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Well, he kinda IS just a suit of armour - only that it’s animated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: He’s the Fist of Destral, someone you see in the middle of a battlefield most of the time. I wanted him to look like it.

Gonna take that as a compliment :wink: To be honest - black pinaxles are so expensive nowadays that I don’t even notice blue pins anymore or care about them most of the time - because I know I can’t do anything against them.

I know… I hate building lower arms. It’s always so difficult to give them decent poseability while also making them look good.

I would probably search for a different solution for that today, but back when I wrote it (have you read Callik’s entry?) it was the best solution I could think of. Didn’t want to change it now - but thanks nonetheless for your opinion!