Ouberry's Self-MOC!

Here’s my self-MOC:

This is actually my third (some might say fourth) MOC using the same torso and arms. First it was a Hero with a bunch of weapons (known as Ultimate Hero). Ultimate Hero went through several revamps. Then when Bionicle 2015 came out, I changed him to a Toa named Unnamed Toa (because I have a hard time coming up with names). Then I made him The Monster (on the boards for those who want to check it out) for a few Halloween MOC competitions. Now I changed it to this, which is basically Unnamed with a Volitak.


Ankles and generally the legs look funny, like some baggy pants(was that what you were going for?), otherwise he looks fine, though you should find ways to cover the exposed stuff under the plates on the arms

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looks like a ccbs oc

It’s a little funky but it works for me. I like it

He looks a little awkward, but otherwise, he’s pretty solid. 6/10.

The legs remind me of ninja garb. 10/10.

Edited title - Booster

Well it’s better than my CCBS MOCs.

Here’s a 10/10

I got to admit this looks great.
But the legs look strange.

Other than the legs, it looks good! It reminds me of one of the Makuta project MOCs though…