Overwatch: Zenyatta

Yo yo yooo so I made a fanart MOC of Zenyatta from the game Overwatch. Great game, would love to play it, don’t have the cash :persevere:
So here’s a lil’ photodump of him. He was meant to be more of a “statue-esque” MOC, so while his legs can bend and pose, it’s generally better to keep them folded up as they are.


Most Overwatch post are from only 1-2 topic, glad to see a new one made.
The shaping is well and I can see the limited articulation from the description. :mailbox:


OMG…good work.

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Huge props for that head design. I tried to make Zenyatta a while ago, but I couldn’t come up with a head I was satisfied with.

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I haven’t played Overwatch so am basing the following critique off of a reference picture.

The head and torso are great, but the floating balls (?) could use a touch of tan/gold.

Everything else appears accurate except the legs, which I think could have had better execution of the appearance of cloth.

Also, nice use of a cut-in-half lightsaber rod.


Brilliant design and usage of parts. I particularly like the use of the clear Exo-Force tube for the floating orbs to attach to.

I love this. I am not playing as much Zenyatta as I hoped to, but yeah, I love your creation. Also, I have to agree with Joe, the orbs of destruction need some more gold. Other than that, I need to tip my tophat for this work.

Do you accept donations? I’d get you the game if you want it so bad… :wink:

Thank you! I do agree with the gold orbs thing, but I didn’t have enough gold flat tiles to cover it like I did with the silver, so I just went with that.

Also are you serious? if you’re serious then YES PLEASE. I would love you forever :blush:


OK, I need your battleTag :smiley:

PippyPanda#1967 :relaxed:

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You know what, mind if I add you? And, anyone else for that matter?

And I don’t mean to brag but I’ve only gone and done it…

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I’ll add you, one more question: Eu or America server?




Wow. Zenyatta is one of my least favorite characters to play as, but this is AWESOME! There’s so much detail up to the orbs! You even managed to pull of a great and accurate head!


No idea what this is, but it’s great as a standalone MOC too.

Please don’t commit the same mistake as me and actually make sure that your system can run it fine.

In other news: Texture is absolutely …
Same applies for the build, what with all the usage of technic and system parts here and there. It stays true to the character, and it really gives you the feeling that this would be some expensive figurine that you’d see on the shelves of an expensive store.

Final verdict: Dun Dun DUUUUN - 10/10


Thank you very much!
I’m fairly certain my computer can run the game, my real concern is lag to be honest

The destroyer of multiplayer video games.


I really like this

don’t even know much about overwatch

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