Pandemic Panda: Cast and Crew Update

We’ve had a lot of updates over time, but as our contracts have finally all been finalized and signed, I figured that we should have an official statement regarding our new Crew Members!

Avohkah Tamer, a very talented audio engineer, has joined us to take some load off our audio editing process! He’s been a very good friend of @TakumaNuva and has been a great member of the community for a long time! We’re really glad to have him on board, and if you’ve been hearing the past several TTV Talks episodes, you’ve already witnessed his masterful work!

@Jake has also joined the team as a video editor! He’s notably working on several of our “Top 10” videos, and again is really helping take the load off of our production workflow! Give him a ton of congrats and welcome him to the team!

And of course, @prpldragon has joined the crew as a member of our Product Design team! We had our first Business Meeting with her and finalized some designs, as well as drew a ton of Merlin Mann pictures! :wink: You should definitely be seeing her work in official TTV products very soon.

We’re very excited to have all of these talented individuals working with us, and hopefully we’ll have some new faces in the fold the more we expand! Make sure to congratulate the lot of them!


Man, I love those videos. His mad editing powers with TTV stuff is just all the yes.


Congrats guys! It’s cool that TTV is expanding now, and with such talented people. Can’t wait to see all that art and such!


well, that’s one term for it XD



Gongrats to @MinedOverMind and @prpldragon!

You guys better tell us all their secrets.



Sweet! I had my suspicions about @prpldragon joining and am SUPER excited that her stuff will be on sale in the store! Also glad that we have more people working on this! Plus maybe these cool cats will be inn a few ttv vids!


Exactly why - despite hours of demands - a certain individual refused to show his face. >=(


Can’t help but feel you missed something.


Congratulations @prpldragon and @MindedOverMind, hope you enjoy being part of the TTV crew!


Congratulations @prpldragon and @MinedOverMind
May Var’s firing ever be in your favor. =p


Cool! Glad to see @prpldragon on the squad! Same goes for @MinedOverMind!


He must be referring to Exx…


I’m thoroughly pleased by these additions to the TTV Team. Avohkah Tamer and MOM have helped out immensely with editing, and I’m insanely happy to have @prpldragon join the crew. If yesterday is any indication, things are going to be incredibly productive, serious, and no-nonsense from here on out. [/s]

So ya, welcome to the team. Hopefully things are enjoyable and such. :smiley:



lol i was mostly kidding by the end of it



This can only be good

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Congratulations @prpldragon, @MinedOverMind, and Avokah Tamer.

You guys have been extremely patient with us as we prepped all the proper forms and built up towards this moment (MinedOverMind in particular has been working with us since August). I’m very excited to finally announce your involvement!

2016 will be a very big year for us. With Vessel pushing us forward; this will hopefully mark the first step into expanding the TTV family as we continue to grow. As such, I would like to stress that everyone continue to be creative, supportive, and above all else keep on being awesome. Back when we first launched the message boards in 2014 I never imagined it could grow to where it is today, nor did I expect to see so many talented people all under one place.

With people like @Xeros610, @tak210, @cat, @Oonie , @Stoax, @Crunchy(rip), @maximumwarp (rip in peace) sharing their work here, we’ve certainly justified keeping this place standing to me, and I hope the boards will continue to be an integral part of the TTV brand for as long as we keep making videos.

And a special thanks to our moderators, @John_Smith, @Political_Slime, @Chronicler, @Waj, @legomaster1378, and the… other one, for helping support these people by keeping the boards clean and accessible as well as quickly learning that we’re slow, lazy, and generally unmotivated to do practically anything and still putting up with us anyway.

So, to wrap this up, there will always be opportunities in life to achieve your goals, and as 2016 rolls around we aspire to expand our family even more. I hope you all feel encouraged to keep pushing yourselves. Find something you’re good at, something you love, and put yourself out there. You never know who might see it.


T-■■■■■ designs? please? :cry:

Also congrats for everyone promoted/recruited :smile:


wait i didnt pay attention what is happening


Shots fired. You gonna take that @Indigogeek?


Congrats to the recruited ones :smiley: