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So, if you haven’t heard the news already, Vessel is shutting down at the end of this month. Considering this, TTV is currently discussing the possibility of using Patreon as a potential replacement. For more info, here’s TTV’s Video on the topic:

And the YouTube link:

Now, TTV has asked us fans about what we want from them going forward. Here, you can put forth ideas, ask questions about Patreon, or talk about the benefits of TTV using Patreon.

And, it’s already in the description of TTV’s video, but [here’s] ( a link to TTV’s Patreon page as well.



Now what are they going to plug before their podcasts. Also no early access I won’t be behind on the TTV content WHOOOOOO.

I’m really dissapointed to hear about what happenned to Vessel after TTV giving so much (unending, relentless) praise of the platform and I hope they’ll be able to cope without the friendly face of Vessel. I was a $3 subscriber on vessel so I’ll probably be a $3 subscriber on Patreon.

Also how about for $50 dollars you can see Eljay’s face :mask:

Hope TTV grows in the future.

Edit: Also having a custom title on the message boards as a reward sounds like a good idea.


I’d guess Patreon, and now they can go back to plugging Audible, so @Political_Slime can be happy!


But that still mean no more Little Jonni!


Well I’m going to be doing $30 for right now, then I’m going to change it to $50 in a few weeks. I’m going to do anything that I can to help ttv, they’ve done so much for us so it’s only seems right to help them.


1 million dollar pledge and they send that guy a picture of eljay’s face

Im fine with patreon. Would probably support it

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Here’s a copy-paste of my suggestions from my Patreon comment:

I actually had some ideas as to what some of your rewards could be; I’m sure of some of them will be stupid, but I thought I would share them regardless:

$0.50/$1.00: You’ll get our eternal gratitude for helping support us. It’s thanks to people like you that we can continue to make our show and our boards as great as they are.
$3.00: You’ll get exclusive early access to an MP3 file of the TTV Podcast and Brickfeed 24-48 hours before they go live elsewhere, plus every reward beforehand.
$5.00-15.00: A shoutout in the description/on the message boards for your continued support on any 1 episode of the Podcast or Brickfeed, plus all previously mentioned rewards.
$10.00-$20.00: You’ll get exclusive access to a patron-only Discord chat, where you can give us direct feedback about our shows and[/or] chat with us directly before and during one of our Game Nights, plus all previously mentioned rewards. [Maybe not exactly as I stated here, or not at the same price bracket, but I think something like this would be highly appreciated.]
$50.00-$150.00 (limited to either 3 or 1): You’ll be a special guest on an episode of your series of choice, plus all previously mentioned rewards.
$50.00-$150.00 (limited to either 3 or 1): You’ll be considered an honorary member of the TTV Crew, and will have a direct say in some of our future plans, plus all previously mentioned rewards.

For stretch goals, I could imagine you guys probably doing something like “Bring us to Brickfair!” or “Help us get good prizes for MakutaFest!” or “Help us fund our next big community project!” or something along those lines. Anyway, I hope this helps!


So I’ve been thinking maybe if for like maybe $20 or more the reward should be you get access to an uncensored podcast, where the cast can talk about whatever they want, say what ever they want. They won’t lose that family friendliness they want to keep since this would be on accessible to people who do $20 or more. It’s just a thought but I know there are some fans who would like to listen to y’all without being restricted to being family friendly.


Regardless of whether this is limited or not, a system where one can pay a certain amount and be allowed to guest star in the podcast is a bad idea. An important part of what makes the podcast enjoyable is the dynamic between the cast members. Allowing some random guy on just because he paid 50-ish bucks will more than likely ruin that.

What if a guy came up to you and your group of friends and offered you 150 bucks. In exchange you had bring him along on all your outings and you had to let him have a “say” in everything you and your friends did together. I don’t know about you, but personally I’d find that very annoying.


I’d take the 150 bucks and run.


So you’re saying you would…


im sad now little johnny has 0% chance of coming back

I left out of my original post the fact that it wouldn’t be a one-time payment of $50-150, but rather a continued support of $50-150 per month. I guess in my mind, I was thinking that it would be a reward for continued support, not immediate support, although you do have a point about the annoyance it could cause.


Wonder if people will say that TTV sold out and their only doing it for the money.

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I think this is a topic that’s been covered to the moon and back, and it’s likely the same people who say vessel was them selling out will say the same here.
In actuality, they need this revenue to prove the channel is worth putting so much into, otherwise it could become a MAJOR liability for the members of TTV.

Okay, here are a few suggestions for some Patreon rewards:

$1 Your name (or username) in the credits after every episode of the TTV podcast and Brickfeed Podcast

$5 Early access to the TTV podcast, even if it is only mp3 form or something.

$10 Custom title on the Message Boards

$25 A queue to have one of your MOC’s reviewed by Ven (positive coverage NOT guaranteed)

$50 Shoutout by Meso in the beginning of the podcast

$75 A queue to be a guest star on the TTV podcast.

$100 A single red axle or blue pin signed by Eljay will be mailed directly to your house (while supplies last) (obviously not serious)

Most of these are sarcastic, and could probably be rearranged, but if the Cast Members see this and take inspiration from it, hey! At least I helped!


Inb4 Little Johnny Patreon commercial.


Since I have spent the last 5-6 years of my life on the internet and YouTube, I feel I should throw my thoughts in on this.

Honestly, I think TTV could easily pull off a Patreon. I’ve seen other channels with similar subscriber amounts do it with success (heck, I’m subscribed to some of those channels). Plus Patreon has been proving extremely viable with the recent wave of copyright shennanigans on YouTube. I’m even planning to make use of Patreon once I get my YouTube channel going and it get’s a decent following.

As for ideas for the potential patreon: I suggest looking at what other channels do and see what would work for the channel.

So Vessel is shutting down… And Bionicle was canceled just recently…starnge coincidences I tell you.


I actually think these are pretty decent ideas.