Percy Jackson and the Olympians

So there is no book sub-category, so I’ll post this here.

Are any of y’all fans of the Percy Jackson series? (Not the movies, those are terribad) You know, the one with the kid and the Greek stuff?

No? Just me?


(slinks back into swamp)


Books are good, movies… not so much.


The movies freaking bombed. I never even watched the first one, he trailer was bad enough.

But the books were very good. So, yeh.

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I only watched a little of the movies, and I could immediately tell how bad they were. But I guess that’s what happens when you don’t let the author do anything with your script…

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The books were great. First movie, ok I guess, had some nice points, but didn’t stick for long. Haven’t even seen the second one.

Yeah, pretty much the general opinion here.

(enter @LelouchViBritannia saying “I liked the movies better than the books” then posting a loading screen song)

I really liked the books. Read em all and the sequel series.

As for the movies, I’ve seen the second one and it wasn’t half bad. I liked the soundtrack and FX, and the plot and battles were decent.

I liked the movies better than the books.

(This is why you don’t call me out. I haven’t even seen the movies or read the books.)

I bloody loved the books.

What movies?

oh whoops, my bad

(but real talk: you should really consider reading the books they are gr8)

I luv the books
I lik the movies
not much though
I love the books though
I already said that I love the books

The books are pretty Dandy, Heroes of Olympus isn’t my favorite.



It’s like this- End of the first series, everything’s perfect: The big bad titans are dead, camp half-wit’s doin’ dandy.
Then heroes of Olympus comes along.
And Rick pulls a new group of enemies(arguably the same thing as titans except bigger) as well as a new camp and more wacky stuff with the gods out of his butt.
Don’t get me wrong, I do like these books, but it just seems like a cash-in IMO.

Hmm. I won’t say I agree with you, but I do see your point.

So I assume you didn’t bother reading the Kane Chronicles?

Anyone here who has not read the Kane Chronicles must be either forced to read them or face the power of Ha-Di.

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man why you gotta say the words

now i gotta clean up this mess


I don’t think Ha-Di has the same power as a nuke.



I’m not picking up this time

Stop speaking the words or I will call upon the power if Ma’at upon you.