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I am wanting to write a story, well more of a rewrite/reimagining, and am looking for ideas on a couple concepts.

The concepts in question are for little mini-dungeons for a KH and Bionicle based story. (There are 2 other franchises that will be implemented but at this time they are irrelevant to the task at hand) The specifics are as follows: My own character, who wields a Keyblade is traveling to the Elemental Temples of Okoto to gather special crystals. The Elemental Creatures’ Temples are where these trials will happen as well as the temple shown at the end of Journey To One’s second episode where Umarak became the Destroyer and the Temple whose foundations are what the Mask Makers’ Forge is built upon. The trials themselves have to reflect the element that it is of and the bosses have been selected but the trials/puzzles that shall precede them are what I am struggling with. I am asking for suggestions on what these mini-dungeons should have in them. Below is a list of the Temples and their bosses in order of how I want to tackle them in:

Jungle: Skull Slicer

Fire: Lava Beast

Earth: Quake Beast or Skull Basher

Stone: Skull Skorpio

Ice: Skull Warrior

Water: Storm Beast

Shadows: Umarak’s Shade

Light: Toa Ekimu with Agil

I look forward to your suggestions; just keep them family-friendly and SFW/PG, please.


One. I highly recommend that you back off from it being a Kingdom Hearts, Bionicle crossover. The two franchises are too different, and, more likely than not , your story will be blasted because of it.

Second off, what is your character’s motivation?

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Your opinion is respected and to answer your question: His motives are that he is gathering special Elemental Crystals so he can create a doorway to other worlds and protect them as he is called there by those worlds.

Why does he care about these other worlds?

Does wanting to help others to the best of his ability not count?

Well what drives him to do that?

He doesn’t like bullies, to put it simply. Plus he feels that when he sees he can help he fails if he just stays on the sidelines.

This was made to collect ideas for mini-dungeons; why does this matter? If you don’t mind my asking.

Well why doesn’t he like bullies? And is there a better word you can use for bully, it just kinda makes the character sound juvenile. And why does he have this with great power comes great responsibility mindset? I am asking you questions you should be asking yourself as it pertains to your charachter.

He is me. I don’t like bullies and I want to help others. He wants to do the right thing because it’s the right thing. He doesn’t like bullies because he hates seeing people hurt like that just to raise another up.

But why does he think that? And I don’t really think he’s you as much you think he is.

Why? I don’t know. I want to do the right thing and can’t stand bullies because I’ve been bullied and do not wish for others to endure that and I do the right thing because it’s the right thing (it’s part of my philosophy of life: do the right thing even if I’m alone in doing it and do it for the right reasons)

See, that’s what I mean. You hate bullies because you were bullied. That’s what I’m looking for. Now, why does your character hate bullys? With that in mind, you surely don’t do everything right all the time. Everyone has vices.

He hates them because people like the Makuta and Skull Raiders are bullies who stop at nothing to attain power and Blaze feels there are better ways to do so. A couple vices are his emotions and his anger; he has strong emotions which can lead him into some trouble (Not being able to read the room sometimes). And his temper, if set off can be quite frightening at times.

So does that ever negatively affect him in any meaningful way?

What do you mean?

It might get him in trouble, but does it ever have any lasting effects? Broken friendships? Lost oppertunites? Anger Management?

Because anger as a vice, used in a wrong way, just makes the charachter more powerful.

Rarely. He tries to see the best in others but he has had to accept that some folks aren’t going to come around. He has some anger management issues but is working on that.

Okay. That’s a problem. Maybe not so much if you had other vices to balance him out, but he leans too much on the goody two shoes side, so to speak.

How is that an issue? Suggestions for balancing factors?

It makes him less interesting. If it were to come to the fore front and be one of his defining traits, then he would be more interesting. There would also be more internal strife, an inner demon that he has to constantly battle.