Pestilence (RP topic)

Æhnyir put his hand on his sword ready to draw in case of an enemy.

Saint Raphael began to bolt up the stairs, running to the top of the church tower.

Æhnyir ran after him, ready to draw his sword on a moments notice.

As they ascended the stairs, Saint Raphael, Godrick and Æhnyir would suddenly be swarmed by bats.

Godrick gave chase “Ally are you implying that this priest is naught but a deceiver!?”

Arkan puts the book back in his jacket and readies an Abjuration shield as his illusion falls, and he rushes towards it.

Æhnyir replies,
“Well all saints are dead, so…he’s either a liar or something else and I doubt he’s a liar, so he must be something else.”

The bats would swarm towards Æhnyir as well.

seeing as Æhnyir was covered in plate armor they might find it difficult to do anything.

At the top of the tower, everything was almost completely still.
Then a large, dark form swooped down from the sky, and landed with a loud thud. It was a at-bat creature, with glowing red eyes.
Hydronicus saw a Tarot card laying nearby. He picked it up, examining it. The card read: “The Hanged Man”.
SCREEEEE!” The bat creature shouted, swooping down on everyone with its talons.

Arkan ran into the tower and up towards the top, going to try to help, as he changes his Abjuration spell to a slightly more complex form of Conjuration.

The Hanged Man sent several bats towards Arkan, cackling maniacally.

Arkan pointed the circle at the bats, and chains of lightning erupted from it, frying the bats as he climbed up higher, towards the Hanged Man.

The hanged Man slashed at Arkan with his talons.

Æhnyir charged the hangman aiming to stab him with his blade.

Arkan would jump back just out of reach and lash lightning out at him as well.

Godrick stood still. Then froth gently bubbled from his mouth obscured by his helmet and leaked through the face-plate and gently dribbled onto the stone floor

The hangedman was grazed by the lightning bolt. He responded by attempting to chomp on Arkan’s neck with his fangs.

Arkan jumped back and shot another at the oncoming mouth.

The hangedman’s head jerked back, before he slashed at Arkan with his claws again.