Pestilence (RP topic)

He jumps back and starts retreating down the stairs, switching to drawing another spell, a complex form of Abjuration, it seems.

Meanwhile, The hangedman attempted to grab and lift Godrick off the ground with his talons.

The seemingly paralysed Godrick suddenly leapt towards it, his sword still sheathed, froth gurgled from his faceplate like a grotesque fountain as he charged straight into the claw howling.

Æhnyir swung his sword trying to cut the Hangman.

Hangedman hissed as the blade slashed at his chest. He sent an entire swarm of bats towards Him.

Distracted by one opponent the Hanged man failed to notice the armoured madman until he’d latched on to his side clinging onto it’s body with his sharp gauntlets

Hangedman flew off the roof of the church, carrying Godrick on his body. On the way off, he knocked off Hydronicus, who began helplessly sliding down the roof’s slope.

Godrick clambered up the ungodly aberration on a path towards it’s head

Arkan followed along the streets below, waiting for him to land.

As Hydronicus slipped, he drove his sword into the side of the roof, stopping his fall temporarily as he dangled from his sword.

The Hangedman flew sporadically, attempting to shake Godrick loose.

Undeterred the maddened Godrick simply dug his thorny armour deeper into the Hanged man’s flesh

The hangedman flew kinto the side of the building, scraping Godrick against it.

The building pressed into Godrick shattering his ribs, however a few horrifying cracking noises later and the rib chunks had been pinned into place by the cursed plate mail. Godrick released a hand from the creature before plunging it into it’s eye.

The Hangedman screeched in pain, flinging Godrick away from his body.

Suddenly, saint Raphael stepped forward. “Do you know who I am?!” He exclaimed to the creature. The Hangedman, ignoring the question, towards Saint Raphael.
A beam of a bright, light-like energy suddenly shot out from his hand, scathing the Hangedman.

Raphael’s robes suddenly fell the ground as his body flowed. There was a bright explosion of light, and when it faded, the giant, brilliant form of a winged angel stood in place.
I am Archangel Raphael!” he exclaimed, unsheathing Starbreaker from his scabbard.
And you, vile beast, shall be vanquished!
With that, Raphael charged towards the Hangedman, his large wings flapping behind him.

Æhnyir looks at Raphael with the expression of “knew it” and slight disappointment that Raphael didn’t show himself sooner.

“Deceiverrrrrrrrrr!” Godrick howls as he plummets landing in the streets creating a small crater with a puddle of blood lining his unmoving body

Arkan readied a new spell, an Evocation spell, on the ground, working at the new circle.

Meanwhile, Hangedman suddenly flew towards Hydronicus at high speeds. Hydronicus could only helplessly dangle from the side of the roof, as the sword he held onto began dislodging itself.

Out of the finished circle flew what seemed to be a large draconic serpent, poised right for Hanged Man’s neck.

The Hangedman, in a panic by the Serpent, began nervously flying around, trying to dodge it. All the while, he spat a mysterious substance towards Arkan’s face.