Pestilence (RP topic)

“Can’t you call magical creatures?” Hydronicus suggested to Rohan.

“I can try.” Rohan replied. He closed his eyes and called for any magical creature to come and assist.

Suddenly, a great trembling resonated throughout the temple. And then…
A Luna moth appeared.

Hydronicus and Rsphael stared at Rohan as if to say “seriously?”.

Rohan threw his hands up in the air in exasperation.
Almost immediately, a phoenix burst through a wall and laid a great burst of flame over the cultists, intending to burn them.

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Hydronicus pumped his fist in the air as a large number of cultists were incinerated.

The Magician charged towards the Phoenix head-on.

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The phoenix flapped it’s wings and accelerated.

The Magician slashed his claw at the bird’s wing.

After performing his first attack, The Magicjan attempted to fly around The Dullahan and lob a fireball at Arkan.

The Magician then attempted to seize Æyapel by the throat.

The wing burst into flame and the claw went straight through it.

The Dullahan raised his shield once more and charged the magician.

Arkan readied the Abjuration circle he was creating: A portal, and it was a very complex shape he was making inside the circle. He rolled to the side of the flame and kept working.

The dashed away from the Dullahan, setting his sights on the magical warriors.

He sent a massive ball of fire at Hydronicus, who took nearly the full force of the blow as his armor heated to nearly red-hot temperatures. Luckily, his armour’s enchantment protected him from being burned.
Hydronicus rolled to the side as he grabbed the handle of his sword.
Enough of these games. You die now.” he said as he landed to the ground.
The Magician crouched down, a vortex of fireballs swirling around his body. The fireballs swirled upwards towards the ceiling, falling towards everyone.
Fire rained down and incinerated many cultists and animals alike.
Hydronicus looked down at the branded rune on his armor. Saint Michael had given that to him, and if he lived by that symbol he had to die by it as well.

Hydronicus approached the magician. “If Errapel can’t hold you down in Icelnabratia, then I will.” Hr said. The rune on his chest started rapidly flashing on many colors.
Hydronicus charged at the Magician, and tackled him to the ground. The Magician tried to claw at Hydronicus, but Hydronicus stabbed his blade through The Magician’s exposed tender muscles.

The Magician flew upwards, but Hydronicus held onto his body. He withdrew his sword blade, and dragged it along the ground as they flew through the air sporadically.

Hydronicus’ armor began to glow brightly, rapidly flashing.
He charted at the Magician and dove right at him, tackling him into the portal as Hydronicus exploded in a large rainbow fireball of pure Mana. The explosion erupted from the portal which then inploded.
Hydronicus’ empty armor clattered to the ground, smoking.

The room was silent.

“…” Arkan was silent. He knew not where the portal had sent them, as it had been flickering in between different dimensions when they went in.

Rohan slowly stood up, dusting off his cloak.
“Glad that’s over…”

Æyapel hovered down, before converting back to Æhnyir’s form. It stood there silent, looking at the place where they disappeared with many questions in its head.

Raphael stared at the heap of smoking armor in solemn silence.
“…He ignited his magicka and self-destructed. It was the only spell within his limited capability that was powerful enough to banish The Magician.
He sacrificed his life, to save ours. And many more…” Raphael said, removing his helmet as he bowed his head on mourning.

Raphael turned and stared back at Æyapel as they turned back into Æhnyir. “Errapel, I-” he tried to say, before Errapel disappeared back into Æhnyir. Raphael sighed sadly, turning back around.

Meanwhile, the Plague doctor cultists stood aghast, unsure of what had just happened or what to do now. They stared at the group in silent fear.

Rohan blinked.
The phoenix bowed its head and uttered a sad coo, a silver teardrop landing on the pile of ashen armor.

The teardrop seeped into the seal of Sancte Michael exercitus Dei on Hydronicus’ chestplate, which briefly glowed ever so faintly before fading. Although Hydronicus’ body could not have been revived, his soul and spirit were now bound to the armor.

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Arkan stood and faced the cultists, glaring at them, his Arcane Eye glowing as he watched them threateningly, the Dullahan standing behind him and facing his body that way as well.

Æhnyir looks at Raphael,
“She can still hear…if you needed to say something.”

Raphael sighed, taking a deep breath before exhaling.
“Errapel, I just wanted to say…I would have volunteered to hold down the Heavenly Kings, before you did. I wanted to do it so you wouldnt gave had to yourself.” He said.
“-But you no longer have to occupy this mortal’s body anymore. The Magician is banished, and Hydronicus’ seal will ensure that he never again escapes. You could come back with me to the Realm of Life. We all miss you…I miss you.” Raphael slowly said.

The five remaining cultists slowly kneeled down, cowering slightly.
“Please, let us go. We promise to never cause harm again. Just spare our lives and we will never be seen again.”

Æhnyir nods,
“There is another reason why she’s still in my body. When I went to that otherworldly realm… I died. The only reason I’ve existed for so long was because of the Magician and her being inside me, keeping me alive. It was as if two sides were constantly fighting over my body for control of it. Now that the Magician is gone there is no more a war over this construct that is my body. We are free from this fight against that being. We have spent the last hundreds of years together, where were you during that time?”