Pestilence (RP topic)

Rohan nods in agreement.
“Let’s hope this is the only case.”

“It indeed does appear to be a necromantic spell.” said a voice from behind. A knight in an ornate suit of armor stepped forward, examining the body.

“And you are?” Arkan asks.

“I am sir Hydronicus.” The knight announced.

“And what is it that you want?” He asks again, looking over the man.

“Word of the corpse spread to my advisors, and I was sent here to investigate.” Hydronicus replied.

“Well it’s definitely a corpse.” Arkan responds. “Anything else?”

“This is obviously a very powerful seal, though i’m unsure of it’s exact origin or function.”

“Origin I agree on. Function is necrotic in nature, likely having to do with some sort of self-spread technique, if the arcane channels within it are lined up the way they seem.” Arkan said. “Or, at least spread of something. Self is likely, along with some other effect, likely to do with death. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Though I am weary of the potential destruction this could cause.” Hydronicus commented.

Arkan shrugs. “If it does, so be it. Given time I might be able to make a counterseal of sorts, but by time I could decipher it and do so, it would likely be too late to do any good. Oh well.”

“Perhaps we could find a being with knowledge of the Seal’s origin and code.” Hydronicus suggested.

“And what kind of being would know that?” He asks. “Any beings I know don’t use Arcana. They use unattuned magics.”

“Perhaps there could be a reference to the Seal in some Ancient texts.”

“And where would we find those?” Arkan asks. “Does Florence have any ancient arcane tomes hidden somewhere?”

Hydronicus shrugged. “I don’t believe so, but perhaps there are ancient archives we could search through.” he suggested.

Hydronicus turned to Rohan. “Tell me, do you know of any place where we may be able to uncover any books with information related to this Seal?”

“My house.” Rohan said. “I might have something in there. If not, then the library.” He chuckled.

Æhnyir lurked in the crowd looking at the body. Luckily, he had not directly seen the death, or else he would have felt the restrictions of that form undo themselves.

Æhnyir decided to move along, and walked away from the scene of the crime.

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“Perhaps we should start there, then.” Hydronicus said to Rohan and Arkan.

Rohan nodded and set off towards his house.