Phobos, Harbinger of Stone


Nice inclusion of Carapar's armor; more mocs need to have them

Thanks :smiley:

I didn't think keetorange would work with Metru brown, but this MOC showed me otherwise. The overall stature of the MOC is very solid as well and makes great use of Carapar's armor.

Thankyou :smiley: The MOC was actually originally a mixture of Mata and Metru brown, but the use of colour and the build made it look a bit ugly. I threw the Keetorange in not expecting it to work at all, but I actually really liked it, so I'm glad I tried it!

I love all the colors on it, and I especially like the Carapar armor. Ah, it brings me back.

This gay is great!!!!!!!!!!!! What set did you get that mask?

@Invader_Rose Thanks :smiley: I'm glad the Carapar armour is getting a good reaction. I actually expected quite a bit of backlash because of all the shades of brown.

@RogueToa The mask came in Dekar, one of the Mahritoran.

Oh I thought dekars mask was yellow my bad

@RogueToa No problem :smiley:


dekars been on the good stuff eh?

@DannyBoyy And not the Hydraxon kind.

Stunning. The colors work very well together, however, if I had to say something, the upper back may lack a little color, though that may be unavoidable as I assume the technic parts are for structure.


Is that a Quake 3 reference.

Love the bulky build and the color choice is just great.

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Phobos, the god of horror...
He was the son of Ares and Aphrodite, and would accompany his father into his battles.

Very fitting name choice :slight_smile:

The brown and keetorange looks great. Carapar's armor is also used to good effect, but it looks a little odd since it's only on the lower legs and weapons.

Love the look.

@Rocka99 I did have some brown parts on the back, but it looked a little off to me. Not sure why though. I opted for solid black instead.

@Kan Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe

@spudyeisleycreations :smiley:

@Warcrafter I tried to use the armor in places that would be the dirtiest - because of the slightly muddy look of Carapars colour, though I'd have liked to use some in the torso and arms if I had enough parts or if there were more parts in that colour.

@AdamusTheFirst Thanks :smiley:

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The armour looks amazing, the way you've combined the orange plating with the brown armour pieces and carapar's armour is fantastic. The leg construction looks solid except for the ankles but I can understand that issue, the back could use more but it's still pretty solid.

@Kardax Thankyou :smiley: The ankles are something that have always bothered me on both this MOC and on Polemos. I should probably get into making custom feet so I can start double jointing them to add a bit more bulk.

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