Piece compatibility

Hi everybody I’m new here,

I have a question regarding piece compatibility:

the HF friction adders (piece 98613) and the metru nui matoran feet (41668).

Could anyone tell me by experience if they know the pieces connect “legally”?

I did a MOC in Stud.io and I don’t have the physical pieces, the program tells me there is collision and I am unsure about them actually properly connecting or not.

From the experience I had with other pieces, often Stud.io tells me that some pieces don’t fit when they actually do in reality…

I would really appreciate some help! Thank you in advance!


Been a fan since around '03, but I’ve always been quite reclusive (still did my part on supporting many Bonks idea projects tho)


No, they can’t connect legally. You can kinda squeeze the friction adder onto foot, though it looks bad and will probably break it.


That’s a shame… Guess I’ll have to discard the friction adders for the feet

Still, thank you so much for the quick reply! :smile:



Yes, as Senit points out, the raised bit on the back of the ankle on the Bohrok foot prevent the friction piece from fitting snugly.

The creature feet from 2016 are a great alternative though, they’re a similar shape.


Thank you, yeah the HF balljoints really are a blessing for avoiding cracks and overall having better friction / preservation of the model over time

Really sad that most of the latest constraction parts come in very few colors