Pilkia, Makuta's heir (matoran)

The Matoran version of a model from this post.

Front and back


“Momo did it!”

“okay… Momo didn’t do it…”

“Can I keep him?”

“Daddy… I’m scared of the lightning… Momo’s scared too!!”

Pilkia is quickly becoming my new favorite character.

Comments and crit’s as always, are welcome!


Nice matoran MOC. I really like that “Can I keep him” pic!

Thanks. That one’s my favorite too.

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My only issue with this is that skull mask just seems really out of place. I get that she’s supposed to be adopted by Makuta, but c’moooooooooooon :stuck_out_tongue:

What element is she anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

Look at the toa post.

Ah right, I’d narrowed it down to either that or magnetism :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to keep original canon in as much as possible in these. Ignore the fact it’s completely out of character for Teri.

What, to keep a single matoran of iron and condition them to be fanatically loyal to him?
That’s entirely within character.

You should really add some orange, the completely silver build is painfully dull.

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If only I had some. I have 0 orange CCBS pieces.

I could donate mine :stuck_out_tongue:

If you wanna pay at least 10$ or more ship them, sure I’ll take them. :stuck_out_tongue: