Place your Art Requests Here!

This is a topic for people who want other people to make art for them! I will not be making the art, this is just a place for people to get the art started (and hopefully finished) If you would like the art to be free, than PLEASE SPECIFY it will just be better for people who will be making the art. So, yeah, just ask for art, say what it is, if it’s a moc than give a picture, and also say f you will be willing to pay for it. If it is pay, than you can sort that out yourself. That’s it just as an example, the topic linked below is an example of what I want this topic to be like.

I am open to make some art for free as long as is not too complicated

For the time being, we’re going to say nay to this topic as it would probably be more effective for people requesting art to commission artists themselves instead of trying to get something via here.