~Plorg 2.0~

Okay, then let’s ask about more on that Claws-hooman transformation business.

The elders discuss the fact that Claws are practically biological abominations: when people died infected by Plorg, they arose as Claws. As if they became some strange zombie-dinosaur-man thing. They do not know exactly how it works, but they had observed it happening to other humans.

They do know that the Rocky Mountains have been the only safe place for humans to settle until recently the Plorg began to spread to the newer human settlements, and created new Claws. They discuss, growing in anger, how resources grow more and more scarce.

What angers them more too is the presence of you, and Oliver. The strangeness of talking animals, animals that should have been extinct long ago.

Extinct animals, it would seem, that reclaimed their land. You remember more from the strange book from bright colors - yes, that’s definitely how you learned all of this - about this place. Montana was once part of a land called Laramidia, long before anyone’s memory, but eventually that formed into “North America”.

Ironic, that once the dinosaurs were eliminated, the lands were claimed by mammals, and eventually the humans. From what you understand, now the dinosaurs have taken back what was once theirs. Yet it feels… wrong. You hate this fate.

As the discussion dies down, the elders seem to look at you, and finally make a statement. “Plorg INC. needs to be destroyed. Once and for all.”

An elder perked up. “Destroyed? We don’t have the manpower to fight them. They got helicoptors and far superior firepower, as well as numbers. We’re safe in these mountains.”

“We’ve been running into the mountains further and further up,” Bill pointed out. “Eventually they’ll chase us to Idaho, and I know we’re not welcomed there. No, we need to make a stand. We have too many enemies, we need to eliminate the one who caused all of them to exist in the first place.”

The elders ask what you think.

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We must raid Idaho for potatoes.