~Plorg 2.0~

Time to make the real Plorg 2 and this time it will destroy the world.

Sequel to this masterpiece:

It’s a game. About making decisions. Majority wins for decision making. Yes. Also the game works as a “you tell me command, I respond” kinda thing, not active RP.

Also I will not explain anything lol.



You are in the grasslands.

You are surrounded by mountains in the distance. They are pretty mountains. You like mountains. There is actually a lot of grass too, though you tend to ignore it because it is not very tasty.

There is also a tree nearby but that is not very important.



I take the moon.


Would be nice to take the moon. You try to reach for it.

Unfortunate. Too far.


Response censored by boards.

For being too funny.


After trying to grab the moon, you start to hear rustling in the grass.

Your ears p r i c k up and you feel instinctively afraid, you try to look for a tree to scurry up and hide in like the cowardly creature you are.

We have no ears. Unfortunate.

However, we do have some claws, and maybe climbing up the tree could be a great vantage point. So we try to do so.

Great. We’re at the top of the tree. We can see what was going through the grass: a small furry creature, scurrying on the ground, looking for nuts from the tree you just climbed. Unlike the grass, that creature looks tasty.

What do we do?

We throw a rock at it!


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Brilliant idea.

One problem: we are in a tree. The rocks are at the ground.


Perhaps we should rethink our plans?

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We must escape our woodland prison.

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Very well.

We jump down from the tree and plop onto the ground. The furry animal is suddenly scared, and tried to run away. Yet you think: the rock. Time to throw it!

One problem: we do not have opposable thumbs. Trying to grab even a pebble proves to be problematic with our long, thing claws. Maybe the mouth will do? You try to grab the stones with your mouth, but by then, it was too late: the furry creature scurried away, and the rocks do not hold well with your sharp teeth.

Once again, unfortunate. And now you are quite hungry.

Slowly wander in the direction of the furry creature, maybe we’ll find another one like it.

As you crawl along you also keep an eye out for water

'Tis not nessecarily crawling. A bit hard to do that when your arms are shorter than your legs. Alas! You can still go along in the grass just fine. You keep your eyes on the look out for water or any small fuzzy creatures.

Prowling through the grass, there are plenty of large bugs that fly across, though quite hard for you to catch. The hunger is getting very annoying. As you prowl along, however, you do happen to come across another small, furry creature in the grass. From your agile frame and light footsteps, you are able to successfully sneak up on it.

What is our plan of attack?

Use your long claw like fingers or try to find a pointy stick in the grass. Tip toe the entire time.

Pin it down through the neck with your long fingers and then jump on it’s back

A combination of both seemed like a suitable act. Prowling out from the tall grass, you hastily spring from your feet, coming into the air. The breeze brushes against your feathery exterior, and in mere seconds, you snap toward the little fuzzy creature. Though it tries to run, you use your clawed fingers to pin it down. Then, you plant the claws on your feet into the ground to keep your footing.

The creature squeals for mercy, but you are a ferocious carnivore. The screaming, the loss of life… It does not phase you one bit. You were grown to act like this, it is nearly an instinct. As the creature breaths it’s last breath, your eyes close, satisfied with the kill. Then, you slide the creature in your mouth and swallow it whole. Utterly delicious.

And this was merely breakfast! You knew you would be hungry later on in the day. Yet the best hunting was done now, as the Big Ones would come to the feeding waters. The Big Ones were not to be trifled with unless you had friends. Yet there are no friends for you, not anymore. So the best way to survive was to avoid them.

But the matter of more food was necessary. You know of two locations: the cliff ranges or the local river. The cliff is a bit harder to find food, but the Big Ones do not search for food there. The river has more guaranteed easier kills, but some of the early risers for the Big Ones are undoubtedly there.

What is our path for lunch?

Head to the river and see what’s there before going out into the open.

You shall risk the encounter with the Big Ones for a better meal. Your thin legs carry us through the tall grass. You think you are undetected. Poking through the grass, you see a large, shelled creature drinking from the waters. It’s tail is like a hammer. Not easy and suitable food. What else is around here?

Looking carefully, you find what appears to be a four-legged, thinly haired beast that is built to be quick. It has a mane of hair, a brush-like tail, and a long face. It is eating the grass near the waters with a few other of it’s kind.

Numbers are on it’s side, but perhaps you could-


What was that?

Thump thump thump

The horses start to run out of fear. You turn your head quickly around, seeing one of the Big Ones roaring and stomping toward the riverside. It’s oversized head and small arms may look silly, but instinct tells you this is one of the deadliest of the Big Ones to face. An enemy that is far beyond our ability.

What do we do?

hide under the water

EDIT: welp, that went poorly