It’s a game. About making decisions. Majority wins for decision making. Yes.

Also I will not explain anything lol.

Do we eat the glob right next to us?



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First pass the butter, and then maybe

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Why in the world would we do the do that.

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We eat the glob. Tastes like a sticky mixture of different elements, mostly carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.

Said glob is flavorless.

Do we move left or right?

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Should have passed the butter :stuck_out_tongue:

Move left

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We move left. Oh look, another weird glob.

Do we eat it? Yes or no?

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The glob is flavorless. No, we don’t eat it.


No mercy to the globs, eat it.


Guys can we please come to an agreement?

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This can only be solved one way…

Me and @HistorianIvan must pick a random number from one to ten!

Eat it with butter this time?

This time we eat the glob with butter.

Except we have no butter.

We eat it anyways.


Do we move left or right?

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We return back where we started. Except now we see a bigger glob. And it moves.

What do we do?

Kill it with fire!

Survival of the fittest, let nature take its course ! No mercy! Eat it!

We try to kill it with fire. We have no fire. What even is fire?

We try to eat the thing, but once we touch the larger glob, it tries to absorb us.

Do we fight back or run away?

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