~Plorg 2.0~

“To the water!” you think. You cut through the grass and jump into the river itself, hoping that would keep the Big One at bay. However, the Big One doesn’t seem fooled. It stomps toward the water, and suddenly spots you.


It raises it’s head and extends it’s jaw, revealing a row of oversized sharp teeth (similar to ours) and strikes. Though we dodge the sharp array of teeth in the water, the Big One slams his head against us and sends us flying further down the river. We slam against some of the river rocks. We are wounded!

And what is worse, the Big One seems to be unrelenting. There are other Big Ones, different creatures mind you, nearby, but those may become hostile to us as well. But this Big One seems to be hungry, and fighting is not a feasible option anymore.

What do we do?

fake death, maybe it will lose interest

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As you fake your death, the Big One decides that it’s job was done, and it suddenly comes down to take a large bite out of you.

Thinking quickly, you ask yourself: was this really a good idea to fake being dead when you’re facing a large carnivore that was hunting us? Now we’re in an even worse of a situation.

We are near the jaws of death, think quickly!

Tip #1 about nature: if you’re being hunted by a creature (like a lion or bear), never go toward the surface of the water. You’re actually placing yourself in more danger when the larger creature has a longer stride, as you are slowing yourself down. You become even more of a target.


fall out of the sky

EDIT: Oh wait just reread the rules and I have a new action

@Chronicler run toward the tree.

Critical success! Your adrenaline pumps right in the moment and swiftly get out of the way. The Big One slams it’s head into the rocks where we once were. You jump over some of the stones of the river bed and make it to the other side, right where a tree is, as well as one of the other Big Ones with an extremely long neck.

The carnivorous Big One stares in the distance, angered that it’s prey had escaped, and turns around to prey on other creatures. Your life is saved, for now, but you are still wounded, and the matter of lunch is still a problem.

You think to yourself: perhaps we need to find easier prey. Shall we search for some?

Look for prey in the treetops.

take a rest in a safe place, you are wounded

I second this. We can look for food while being protected from carnivores on the ground

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no. eat only plants, for they do not fight.

The majority says to look for food in the treetops.

Slinking your very tired and hurt body up a treetop, you think this would both be a good place to rest as well as find some easy food. And indeed, as you climb up here, you find a small nest within the branches, laden with blue, leathery eggs. There appears to be no mother nearby, which looks to be free game.

Do we eat them?

have you READ Jurassic Park? Herbivores are always eaten.

Break them open first so make sure the contents are still edible.


do not eat them. the mother will find out an it will seek revenge

but we are fast and the mother may be scared of The Big Ones to swoop low in chase.


Do not eat the eggs. We are weak, and cannot survive another attack.

we are wounded! we won’t be able to escape

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what is the extent of our wound? Rock scraping?

You feel as if you have broken at least one bone in your chest from the impact of the rocks, as well as bruising.

I see. maybe hide and wait for the mother to return and leave, then eat the eggs, then run?

You elect not to eat the eggs. Yet you are still hungry. There are few other places you can think of for food, but many of them require a body ready for hunting. You are clearly not. It’s either we eat the eggs, or the only other solution you can think of is medicine so we can get back to hunting.

But the medicine is found in the settlement of those strange bipeds. They are no doubt afraid of you, as your kind has terrorized them before.


Are there unintelligent bipeds hanging in the surrounding trees that we may be able to hunt?

or any other resting prey for that matter