Plot Holes in Video Games

We all know video games are super-fun to play, and when they have a story? It’s even better. But what if that story in a video game has a hole in it?

For example:
Why does Bowser have to kidnapp Princess Peach? He wants to take over the Mushroom Kingdom and marry her so he can be the legitimate king, but honestly why doesn’t he just kill her and take over the kingdom by force?

Toads are almost useless and almost never fight back, and if he can get rid of Mario and Luigi, then he can take over the kingdom in a breeze.

(Then again, this is Mario we’re talking about here.)

So basically, this topic is meant for discussing things that the games themselves fail to explain IN-GAME.


Why does every professor in the Pokemon Universe recruit Children to help them with their studies?

Like, there’s gotta be some Child-Labor Law that this is breakin’.


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I don’t care if you’re sarcastic, I agree. Game Theory isn’t fact and is no excuse to fill up a problem for a video game.

The Bowser thing is still a plot hole, no matter how you look at it.


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Well you said it as an absolute.

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Alright no fights. This is a silly and stupid thing to fight over.

The point in this topic is to address plot-holes in games that the games fail to explain.

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No, I’m talking about canon sources. HOWEVER, we are not here to discuss possibilities and theories using those, and besides MatPat uses canon for his own ideas. That’s the point of the videos.

The point of this topic is to address them IN THE GAME ITSELF. If they fail to explain them in-game we mention them.

Now enough of this. Discussing matpat is off-topic and I will delete any more arguments about Game Theory.

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Why are there a bunch of old men hidden in the original Legend of Zelda?

Like, they’re in a bunch of Dungeons, Caves, and junk like that.


Who are the ghosts in Pac-Man? And why do they want to kill Pac-Man?

(Not talking about their names, I’m talking about their past lives).


Here’s a Destony related one. If the Cabal can destroy whole worlds that get in their way, why don’t they just destroy Earth, (or just the Traveller) and the other various Solar System planets that “get in their way” and conquer the Solar System?

Also, in the Archon Preist strike, it is said that the fallen had broken into the Prison of Elders and had freed the Preist. That was a level 14 strike. We can’t go into the Prison of Elders until we hit level 28, so how did the level 14 Dregs and Vandals steal an Archon? LOL

Bionicle the Game (discount plot holes, more like discrepancies with the canon):

  • Gali defeats all the Bohrok Kal single handedly
  • The Panrahk knows about Spleef
  • Takanuva literally just teleports from Ta-Koro to Mangaia to challenge Makuta
  • Takanuva can fly

Sonic Adventure:

  • Eggman goes to all the trouble of unhleashing Chaos and getting all the Chaos Emeralds to destroy Station Square, but we later find out he just has a missile he can use to nuke the city.
  • That very same missile turns out to be a dud because Ex Machina.
  • Eggman refers to himself as Robotnik, but a password on his Egg Carrier is “EGGMAN”, and he also names everything Egg-whatever.

Super Mario Sunshine:

  • Mario arrives on Isle Delfino with Toad, Taodsworth, and Princess Peach with all the…I forget their names…the tree guys standing there greeting him. Why then, do they assume that it was Mario who painted the entire island when he clearly just got there by a plane that they would have had to let land in order for him to get there, then go back to the Mushroom Kingdom, then back to the scene of the crime?

Batman: Arkham Series:

  • [City] Batman survives getting shot in the chest in the beginning of the game, but passes out after getting hit in the head once by a baseball bat from Harley Quinn.
  • [City and Origins] Batman receives a prototype grapnel boost in City, but he had the exact same device 5 years earlier in Origins.
  • [All games] Batman has OP as heck Shock Gloves, Triple Batrangs, and Glue Grenades in Origins, his first two years as Batman, but he has none of those things in Asylum, City, or Knight

Mortal Kombat:

  • Why is everyone perfectly fine after getting their insides imploded and bones broken in every MK Tournament?
  • Why does someone always scream “Toasty”? (That’s a joke one)

Huh. I never thought about that. Good catch.


I have a huge plot hole from MH4U, you may not have heard of it but it’s bigger than Mario in the east, particularly Japan, but not so big in the west. Anyway, you have completed the mission to beat a Shagaru Magala, who spreads a frenzy virus. But then the frenzy virus returns and everyone is confused as to how. Of course you find out it is an Apex (a monster who has learnt to cope with the virus and is therefore stronger) Seregios that is the cause.

But why is everyone confused, there are multiple Shagaru/Gore (its juvenile form) Magalas out there. Any of which could be responsible, why would you be confused, they are rare, but they are definitely there (I can rhyme)

@Chronicler cool thread BTW

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In MGS4, if it was Ocelots plan to have Snake destroy the Patriots AI’s for him, why did he attempt to crush him with the Outer Haven battleship? In fact, there were multiple times within Ocelots master plan (MGS 1, 2 and 4) where Snake could have come close to dying, completely destroying the entire plan.

This isn’t really a plot hole, but it’s never explained what happens if a legendary pokemon dies. Are they immortal? Do they age? Can they have children? If dialga were to die, would time unravel?


Gears of War: Why do the lambent wretches fight along side the locust in the first game?

In the original Paper Mario you have to save the star spirits, because they were captured and were sealed inside cards. They couldn’t use their powers or do anything what’s so ever other than talk. Well the star spirit named Skolar escapes from being held hostage while he is still in his card form but gets captured again. Well here’s the thing how did he escape If he couldn’t do anything while being a card, he couldn’t move or access his powers that always threw me off.

Spoiler for Xenoblade X

Why can’t you just grab the pieces of the lifehold until you get the mission that tells you to? By then, the bad guys have found it and are waiting to ambush you. Nine times out of ten, they’re literally just sitting there. You could just call those little helicopters to swoosh in and pick it up.