My first female MOC ever.





Weapon: Dagger
Strength: 3/5
Intellegence: 4/5
Speed: 3/5
Energy: 5/5
Good or Bad? Doesn’t care if she is good or bad.
Deceased?: No
Robot or Alien? Robot

After being released out of he captor’s prison,by Biohazard. Plumette seeks attention and love for him, and will do anything, including fighting by his side, just for one simple kiss. Plumette is loyal and will stay by Biohazard’s side till’ the end of time.


The moc build is very basic and nothing really stands out, however the head does have a noticeable forehead gap.

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Yeah, it was just some random MOC I made when I got bored.

I like it,though the build is basic and kind of bland because of it relying only on ccbs skeleton and shell pieces Which i think if you maybe add some more detail can Really be something Really Special! The appearance Is more or less something i’d imagine a robot or droid look like, and the fact you included Her stats (Strength intelligence, Ect.) is really impressive! only down falls I see is the gray bone pieces Unless the color scheme is gray and purple then never mind but if it’s black and purple try to change the exposed bones to black, Great job I can’t wait to see your other mocs.