Po-Wahi Concept [EDIT: Sandcastles, Mahi, and other beautiful things]


Which crystal color do you prefer…?


…or Blue?


I would
Like to purchase one Hafu original please.


Something about the colors is bothering me, it feels really washed out, especially the sand, if you just upped the saturation it would look far better.

That said, it’s definitely po-wahi.

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Amazing work as usual, keep it up!


Greta work as always, it looks far better then any other Po-wahi type thing before it. I like how you used more rocks and structures this go around, it really sells the element of stone.


I love the idea of Po-Matoran making their houses and statues one and the same, if the stairs leading into the mouth of the ‘Hafu Original’ are any indication.

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Another @Oomatu Original. Beautiful. The house/face/statues are a great touch, and of course the mahi and the Great Hafu.


Is that general Grevious on the right?

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Ah yes. This is great.

You have done my favorite Koro justice, but was there any doubt that you would?

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All po matoran are basically squidward, and I love it. This looks more like a realistic po wahi than everything else I have previously seen.


Definitely pulls off the look of Po Wahi well. I like the greater emphasis on stone structures and masses here compared to the more barren environment of G1, where the canyons and what not felt few and far between.

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I don’t like it.

The art is phenomenal as always, don’t get me wrong, but a wasteland doesn’t fit Po-Koro at all, at least for me. I feel like there should be villages and signs of life, because if the Toa would be theoretically fighting Makuta to save Mata Nui, I don’t see why anyone would want to save a wasteland with nothing.

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You mean like what’s in the foreground?

Sorry, correction. More signs of civilization. It’s just my opinion, but a wasteland doesn’t fit Po-Koro for me.

But the stone wedges of the previous islands have all been empty deserts/canyons, mass expanses of nothing, why should this be any different?

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Maybe so that Pohatu has something to save.

Can he not want to save his people and home? If anything this would make him more determined to save them, since a small village in a desert would be closer.


You make a good point. I concede.


There is also a village on the far left @Payinku

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