Poaki, Master of Stone (Self MOC)

A young but powerful Toa of Stone. His tool of choice is a Mighty Earthshock Drill, which can reduce even the largest boulders to mere rubble. While he only recently joined Ramunu and the Toa Trava, he has quickly become a respected figure among the villagers of the Ugrines Archipelago.

This is a pretty important MOC to me, so I'd like to know anything I could do to make it better.

Edit: Here's one last, newer picture. He likely won't be updated again for a while, so I hope you like these changes!


Colourscheme's solid, yellow, but not overwhelmingly, build is clever.


Nice moc. It's really solid and the color scheme is quite good. the only gripe I have is that the lower legs look a bit unproportional when compared to the feet and upper legs.

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Normally, I'd complain the the yellow and keetorange clash from being too similar in shade, but for whatever reason it actually doesn't look too bad here.

Solid torso, solid arms, solid legs. It's a 9/10 from me :smile:

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Thank you! The build of the torso is made possible by a Technic shock absorber, a piece that I was very glad I could implement.

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely agree about the lower legs. I really like the build, but they'll probably have to go.

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I'd give this topic a read :wink:

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Strange, they're actually my favorite part.

Thank you, glad you like it! I've gotten a lot of flack about the color scheme, but being color blind, I actually find yellow and keetorange hard to distinguish between. Guess I got lucky that it was all well placed here!

They're my second favorite part of the build itself, preceded by the torso, but I agree with @Gwideon that they stand out quite a bit on this particular MOC.

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Thanks Slime. Having a bit of trouble with formatting!

There's not much I can say in the way of criticism. Everything just seems to flow so well. I love the gear/wheel shoulders--it gives him a really cool, armored look. The torso and the legs are nicely filled out, and I love the weapons. Nice choice of mask as well.

Great work!

Wow, thanks! I really love those geared wheels too, I thought they worked really well with the angles of the torso. Thank you for your comment!

When I first saw the MOC, I passed by it. I read Slime's post, and was like "Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?", so I looked back.
Lo, and behold, there is hidden Keet Orange.


Really nice ideas here! I love him!

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Pretty solid MOC! Lowers legs look a little strange though.

No real problems with him.

The lower legs were meant to represent large armored boots. I understand the criticism, though, they don't exactly look the part.

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DANG SON this looks good

wow, yellow and keetorange actually work well together here, that alone is commendable

but the moc itself is pretty great

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I'm considering buying a set of lifelites to light up his eyes, with the battery back being stored in one of the Duplo cloth backpacks. Any thoughts on that?

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This is really cool, I love the torso and legs, and both weapons! This MOC is really well done, good job! :smile:

Nice! Lovely color scheme.

I like the colorcheme. and the rest is cool as well.