Podcast Officially on iTunes (for real this time!)

Hey there everybody! We’ve been hard at work getting back into the swing of things after taking our little hiatus in the wake of Comic Con. And part of that surge in inspiration has led me to finally picking up the slack and getting our iTunes feed fully updated.


You can now find every single episode of the TTV podcast under one archive, including our latest episode:

The TTV Podcast - 123: Master of FIYAAA
(Please read down below to learn how to gain access to this episode right away)

What this means, is that we will now routinely be updating the feed as well- so as soon as a podcast is done editing it will be added to iTunes and you can sit back and enjoy it instantly! I’d wager there will be about an average of a day in-between the podcast being on iTunes and then uploaded to YouTube, so if you’re an avid listener it would be in your best interest to subscribe to us there.

Now, we’ve gone over the benefits of subscribing on iTunes before, so I’ll quickly rattle off a few-

-Enhanced Audio Quality- You’ll be getting the loss-less version of
our episodes in audio formating, free from YouTube Compression
-Easy syncing with I-Devices- You can download directly to your iPhone or iPad and listen to episodes without the need to keep the
screen on
-No more waiting- You wont have to wait for our episodes to be transferred, edited to video and uploaded to YouTube

One last important thing- the iTunes store features a review process, meaning our episodes wont be listed on our store page right away. To stay up to date with the episodes, please subscribe to us and refresh the feed in your library to gain access to our episodes as they are added. I’ll make a post in this topic alerting everyone that the latest episode has been released!


Excellent news! This is great for those of us who’d like to listen to the podcast on the move. Thanks a ton @IllustriousVar!


Will you put every new podcast on iTunes?

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So these episodes will be released earlier than your YT channel?

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I don’t understand the question.

Are you referring to the episodes? Because they’re all already there. And as stated in my first post, we will continue to update iTunes regularly. Meaning our episodes are going to be on iTunes before they are on YouTube.

So yes, any new episodes from this point on will be added, and episodes that have been released so far are already added.

Yes, I edit the audio, then I have to upload them and send them to Meso so he can make a video. When I upload them, they go straight to iTunes. Meaning you won’t have to wait for Meso to make the video and upload them to YouTube.

A good example is Episode 123 which has been on iTunes for a day now, and Meso hasn’t even begun uploading them to YouTube yet. Expect this to be the norm.


For some reason episodes 71-100 don’t show up in my feed. But this is great nonetheless. Tankyou very much.


Are you making sure to refresh your library feed?


Ya that was what I was referring to!


I’m lovin’ episode 123.


Ahh, I see where it is. I need to pay more attention to where these things show up :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is great! Sooner is always better when it comes to the TTV podcast!


Hey @IllustriousVar, do you have any plans on adding the various specials to the library?

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Var talking about roid-rage Tahu was the best, also the mass effect 3 joke (that topic refuses to die, still funny though)

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Heheh… I love being able to listen to these at x0.5 and x2 speed.


Aside from the ones that are already there, probably not.

A new episode of The TTV Podcast has just been added to the feed!

Episode 124: Off The Christmas Lemons


Oh well…

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Thank you so much for this update.

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Mata Nui this is great news so I can finally play this in the car and have a good laugh when the cast make a good joke like Tahu on roids. This does leave me a question what will be uploaded first itunes or youtube podcast ?

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Up in the description.