Pohatu GWP MOC Contest Entry: Boxor (& Nuparu)

UPDATE: Instructions are now available! see the end of this post or the last post of this topic for the Rebrickable link.

UPDATE 2: I’ve made the design with real bricks now! Although instead of usiing Nuparu I’ve used Takua and Tahu for scale references. See the end of the topic for more pics!

The Boxor is one of my most favourite vehicles in the whole of Bionicle, so when I heard of the contest I immediately thought about remaking it in the GWP style.

I liked the mechanics of the original, but I wanted to try and give it a wider range of articulation, so I kept the same linkage designs but with balljoints instead, so the arms and feet can pivot, and the legs can splay outwards!

The back, just like the original, has a tohunga arm for its spine, and can hinge back for the cockpit top to hinge up and fit in Nuparu (or any other GWP style tohunga), which actually stays in place with a single stud on the seat, so you can actually have it look around without the top pressing on his head.

Credit to Reddit user u/Msw41 for the Pakari face decal for Studio.

Instructions are now available on Rebrickable: LEGO MOC Bionicle Boxor (GWP Style) by Admiraltyphoon | Rebrickable - Build with LEGO


The Boxor was one of my first sets, and it remains as one my favorites. I WILL build your version and have it sitting on my desk.


Loving this! Though I restricted the parts I used in mine to an alt build, you seriously nailed it with all the little details while still keeping true to the style. The fact that you even kept the functions is impeccable! I’m sure whoever won the runner-up prize from the Onua contest oughtta be eating good this round. :stuck_out_tongue: Best of luck!


Thanks both! I’m actually working on instructions for it which should be ready soon, and I’ve already started getting the parts to build it IRL.


I’ve finished the instructions for the Boxor, with just 85 steps!

You can download them and see the full part list on Rebrickable:

I’ve already done a couple of Bl orders to make it IRL, hopefully I can get it done before the end of the contest!


2nd (and last) update - I’ve managed to get the bricks to build this IRL!

Instead, I preferred to use the original 2 figures - Takua and Tahu, so you can get a feeling of how this Boxor scales with them!