Pohatu GWP MOC Contest Entry: Boxor | Pure alt build + Free instructions!

People are already familiar with the great Exo-Toa made by Ransom Fern using the set 76245: Ghost Rider Mech & Bike as a donor. I saw a few people asking for a Boxor so I decided to make one myself!

Ransom Fern’s Exo-Toa unfortunately required that you use some parts from the GWP, but mine is a true alt build, so you only need pieces from set 76245 and nothing else! In fact my Boxor actually adds to the GWP, but more on that later.

So the big feature, of course, is complete integration with Takua. Not only does Takua pilot the Boxor from a mount complete with a stud connection, but there’s also storage for his backpack and disc.

200 percent gif 2

While the donor set has no gears or flex tubes, I was still able to build in a punching function, just like the original. It’s very basic but it works to clobber some Bohrok.


And if you like what you’ve seen you can make your own! I have made free instructions and uploaded them to Rebrickable! Click here.

If you’re so inclined please leave a like here and on Rebrickable :slight_smile: Also if you make your own please also share pictures on both sites too!

Lastly, as promised, you can improve your GWP. The Ghost Rider mech has several flame pieces not needed for the Boxor which you can use for Tahu’s display base:

Lastly, apologies if anything here is formatted incorrectly or anything like that. I’m new and just got wind of the channel and the board for this contest :slight_smile: Would appreciate any advice on putting videos / gifs into posts too. It was a real struggle shrinking the gifs down to meet the file size limit on here.

A few more shots:


Absolutely love the functionality of this one.


Love how you brought in the function


I’m going to buy the Lego Ghost Rider set just to build this.


Awesome! Please share a picture when you do.