If your a pokemon fan, what's your favorite game and pokemon?


gen 4 maybe its cause its my first one but yeah I loved gen 4 #OMEGAMEGATORTERRA4LIFE

Gen 3.


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My first Pokemon game was Sapphire, so I'd have to say Gen 3 is my favorite. My favorite Pokemon has always been Latias after a surprise encounter in my first run of Sapphire, before I knew it existed; she's been my fave ever since!


Favorite game is either Emerald or Platinum. Favorite pokemon is definitely Giratina

I started out with gen 4. Favorite game would probably be Platinum, played through that one three times. :-/

I guess I should answer the question too xD

Personally my favorite game is black 2, it was my first game of the series I played and the first game I finished 100% in general.

My favorite Pokemon in general is Infernape, but my favorite Pokemon competitively would be mega Medicham, that mon saved me in many battles during my time as a gym leader for online leagues.

Gen 4 but my favourite would have to be Typhlosion

Any generation but six. X and Y left a bad taste in my mouth.

I'm a big fan of the mystery dungeons, I like the whole quiz at the beginning and it deciding what Pokemon you'll be. But I've heard they've gotten rid of that and you just choose, which kinda sucks in my opinion.

Favourite Pokemon? pffft, thats crazy, I would be here all day.
'Finding every Pokemon is like count each sand grain on your favourite beach'
I don't know which Pokemon movie intro that's off, but the point is there's too many Pokemon for me to have a single favourite.


Favourite Pokémon; Probably Quilava just find it adorable... xD
Favourite Game; Probably Emerald as its the version I played the most

You do competetive, Tuma? I'd love to face you on Showdown.

Pokemon Platinum and Suicune. ~Detox

Yes I do, it's been while sense I've battled do to life things. Though I would enjoy having a few showdown battles, I'll pm you about it.

I'm not a fan anymore, as the games have the same basic storyline dressed up differently. In the name of my past fandom, though, I loved Diamond, and loved many of the dark or ghost types.

I play competitively. VGC rules though.

Favorite game: Pokemon Crystal or Emerald
Favorite Pokemon: Ditto, cause it can be every pokemon

But seriously fav pokemon is Aggron cause he's basically the tank in my party

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Favorite will always be Emerald. (X is a close second though, tbh)

So guys. Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire?


dont you mean pokemata: omega tahu and alpha kopaka

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