POLL: Phantoka and Mistika reviews

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone! I’ve got a question for all of you today.

Since 2007 is going to be wrapping up fairly soon (August/September, I’ll tell you now), I’ve been working out the review schedule for my 2008 reviews. Being that there are a lot of sets in 2008, and they aren’t all clone sets, it might take a while to get through. Of course, I understand the value of having individual reviews, which is why I didn’t lump the Barraki and Mahri into one single video.

So my question to all of you is this: Do you want me to lump the sets that I can into groups (AKA Phantoka Toa in one, Phantoka Makuta in another, Mistika Toa in one, etc, etc) or give each individual set their own review? Vote now, or elaborate below!

  • Grouped Reviews
  • Individual Reviews

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(Disclaimer: Regardless of the end result of this poll, I do have the final say as to how the reviews are executed. However, I do want to hear from you guys and see what you’d like to see and factor that in to the final decision I’ll be making. Thank you!)


I think groups of three for the sets is reasonable, personally.

After all, there are a number of good common “themes” between each group of three, so I think it’d make sense.

After all, individual pros and cons can be elaborated on/mentioned in the one video, so it seems like no real issue to me.


I’d rather it be grouped. It would avoid clutter and save time.


I’ll refrain from voting because I just want quality videos however that happens is fine.

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Grouped would be the best. Especially for the Phantoka Makuta, which had almost the same basic build, just different limbs.

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I like how none of the voters for “Individual” have said their pieces yet, even though they have more votes.

gg guys.


3-figure groups will be best IMO. It won’t be quite as crowded as full line overviews. But it won’t be nearly as drawn out as doing them each individually. It’d be good to finish these before G2 ends. /s


My two cents: the Phantoka Makuta and the Matoran could be grouped, but the rest are quite different.


I concur with those that have said that grouped reviews are better.

I want comparisons!

Are you going to do groups of three, like phantoka toa then phantoka makuta then the same for the mistika? Or are you going to do all six toa then all six makuta? Regardless, I’m all for groups.

I recommend doing groups of 3

1 for toa phantoka
1 for toa mistika
1 for makuta phantoka
1 for makuta mistika


For those curious, by groups I do mean groups of three. The three Phantoka Toa (Pohatu, Lewa, Kopaka) would be in one video if I were to go with groups. Same goes for the other categories mentioned above. Think… VoyaToran review, but four videos like that covering three sets at a time.


Yeah grouped reviews for all.
Phantoa are all pretty similar.
Same with the Phantkuta.
Mistoa are some of the blandest Inika builds I have ever seen.
Mistikuta are the only ones diverse enough to get meaningful individual reviews, but they could still be lumped together.

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Individual. Sorry guys, but I like how Eljay is doin’ dis. The Matoran get one group video, then the larger sets get individual.


Phantoka Toa could get individual reviews. Builds are different enough

Phantoka Makuta should be grouped, same torso, different limbs.

Mistika Toa should be grouped as well, considering that we are already familiar with the Inika/Piraka builds by now.

Mistika Makuta are different enough to be separate.

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The Toa and Makuta should be reviewed together, well because their the same team? (Nuva and Makuta). But I do see why people want them separate because of the visual, setting, and season.

I think this makes the most sense to do it that way.


To be honest, individual reviews would be nice. The Recap Reviews could last longer, and the toa are slightly unique. Most of them are actually perked in different ways (Onus’s shield, Tahu’s jets, height differences) and would really help describing them in general. On top of that we’d have better skits of individual personalities, and most of us fans would have something to watch every Tuesday!


To be honest I think you need to do a piece review for each peice in each set! :wink: No, actually I think you should make seperate vids for all of them exceot the matoran. I’d like the toa and makuta seperate but have a conclusion video with comparisons of each. I also would like to know if your planning on making vids on the vehical sets.

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