[Poll] Toa Tuyet's Kanohi Mask?

Hey everyone! I’m currently making a Toa Tuyet MOC (thanks to @Waj for the idea) and I’ve been struggling to decide what Kanohi to use for her. According to BS01, she wears the Mask of Intangibility, which naturally has never been released as an official LEGO part.

I wanted to poll the community about which mask they think might make a good stand-in. I’m mainly looking for a mask that looks both menacing and feminine. But what do you think? If your idea isn’t listed in the poll, post it as a reply and I’l be sure to add it. Also, feel free to provide the logic behind your reasoning.

#What should Toa Tuyet’s Kanohi look like?

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Disclaimer: The most popular mask won’t necessarily be the one that I’ll be using on my MOC. I’m just making this in order to start a fun community discussion about an old obscure piece of G1 lore that may wind up giving me some MOCing inspiration.


Seems only fitting that the Mask of Intangibility is translucent.


I think the Trans Ruru suits her character and Kanohi power the most. Not only is it transparent, but the somewhat abrasive- yet staunch expression perfectly captures Tuyet’s blue and orange morality.

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I like that logic.

Yeah, I’ve had the same thoughts regarding that mask’s expression. Also, I’d never heard of “blue and orange” morality before. You learn something new every day…

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I’d go with Kiina’s helmet. You could attach it as a mask with the long part sticking up on a custom built head. I think that could look really cool. + it wouldn’t be recognizable as Kiina’s helmet then.

Would your suggested attachment method allow the mask to have any clear eye holes?

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I personally maintain that the Noble Rau is by far the most sinister of the non-immoral Kanohi, at least as far as appearance goes. Further, the mask would offer a typically common accessory the opportunity to be made a little more unique or personalized. Maybe you could get it painted?

Or, you could just make the MOC without a mask - since the mask is intangible. Seriously.

Nope. It would look like a feminine version of Bane’s mask from the Dark Knight Rises.

I am now thinking of Toa Tuyet having Bane’s voice.

How do you mean?

Interesting idea. If I do decide to go that route, I might get one painted dark blue and silver in order to match the rest of the MOC’s colour scheme.

Eh… I’m not sure that would look all that great.

I’m still not quite understanding your description. Would the mask be worn in the default orientation (just with a brick-built skull in place of the Glatorian head)?

Nope. You’re gonna stick that axle right in the character’s mouth. It will be worn like the Avohkii, not like the Glatorian helmets. Obviously with traditional heads this is…nigh on impossible, which is why I recommend building a custom. (Maybe with Bohrok eyes?)

Ah yeah; I just meant that painting a pattern or a solid coat on it, or adding some pin or system-scale add-on to the face.

That may be true, yeah.

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For some reason I always pictured Tuyet’s mask as Kiina’s helmet with an added “mouth cover”. Might be tough to pull off, though, since you’d need a pretty small custom head.

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I would honestly go with Toa Norik’s silver mask, even though it isn’t part of the poll.
If I have to choose one from the poll, I would go with Nokama Metru’s mask or the translucent Ruru.

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Yeah, I might try experimenting with that at some point. I’m not very experienced with custom heads though.

I know it’s not on the list, but Hahli Mahri’s Faxon should be considered as a potential option as well.
It retains the translucent quality if you keep the eye shield attached to the mask, it’s Metru blue, it can be greebled up a bit, and it can give a character a seriously ticked off/evil vibe if tilted right, especially if you’re using Matau’s dark red eyestalk.


Good idea. I like your reasoning. Whenever I see the Faxon I always have a tendency to automatically think of @CommanderSpencer’s self-MOC, but I think I could change the mask up enough to create a different look.

What’s more, the mask may be a little bit too big for the Toa Metru frame that I will be using. However, if I ever get my hands on a dark blue Faxon I’ll certainly try to experiment. :slight_smile:


I always use the noble avsa when when I when I build Tuyet.

You’ve built multiple Tuyet MOCs? Got any pictures online?

None yet, I’m waiting on a bricklink order to finish the latest one. I’ll post it here when it’s finished.

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