Poll: Who was your favorite Comic Artist

  • Carlos D'Anda
  • Randy Elliot
  • Stuart Sayger
  • Leigh Gallagher
  • Pop Mahn
  • Christian Zanier

I personally really liked the style Stuart Sayger used for 06-07. To me, it fit the darker tone really well.

(NOTE: Hijacking this thread to make a poll because I think this question fits that the best. Feel free to discuss in the comments like normal, though! - Kahi)


as before, I really like this cover


Moving to BIONICLE subcategory.

Stuart Sayger is my fave in emotiveness and tone. Carlos D'anda is my fave in style.

I think all of them sans Sayger were pretty good, I collected a bunch around 04 but I have a lot of good memories of the last few Leigh Gallagher comics as well as all of Pop Mhan's (though the script for the last Bionicle comic was garbage)

I love Christian Zanier's work on the graphic novels. I wish he was actually able to do the books full time, but you can't always get what you want.

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Ha don't know any of them... ~Detox

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I like Leigh Gallagher art the most. It's just so spot on to the toys! It's amazing!

Zanier's work in the Graphic Novels is amazing. it is like looking at pictures of the sets. I specifically like how he portrayed the Baterra (the most amazing things to come from Bionicle).

This is Sayger, right?

I honestly don't know, I just like the imagery of the Toa as ghostly guardians,

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It says D'Anda at the top by Greg Farshtey...

Oh jeez. I honestly didn't even notice that...


My personal favorite is Sayger, if only because of nostalgia. I remember the days when I'd just gotten into BIONICLE, and I'd sit on the couch and read the comics over and over, trying to catch every detail.

I really liked Carlos D'anda's style most because there was so much detail in what he did. It almost reminded me of manga/anime.

Stuart Sayger is a very good artist. His art really fit well into the dark setting of 2006-7.

I really liked Stuart Sayger's style for the most part, but here I just had to go with Christian Zanier. His work was just phenomenal and I wish he could have had more involvement with Bionicle.

Jack Kir....I Mean Stuart Sayger because he artwork is pretty wicked!

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I like how D'anda drew the Akaku, simply because it looked like an HK-series Assassin Droid.

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I really love how detailed Christian Zanier is. His art style is definitely my favorite. Sayger would have to be second because he drew some of my favorite panels in all the comics. Though it did get a bit, odd at times.

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