Poraku, Toa of Stone, and Pooruku

Finally, I have created my own Self-Moc, Poraku, Toa of Stone!

Granted, he’s not the most complex or original of Self-Mocs, but due to my limited skill and piece collection I’m quite proud of him.

And here is the front view. Pretty standard fare here.

And back view. Again, not much to see except the gearbox.

I don’t really have a back story for this guy, so that’s about it…

Except for his younger and more dramatic Matoran counterpart/brother, Pooruku!

And here’s the duo together. Don’t they look swell?

And that’s about it, folks. Leave comments and criticism, and look for Poraku in my Brickheadz collection!


Cool pohatu and protector of stone revamps, though it looks like Poraku would keep stabbing himself in the head everytime he lifts his right arm :stuck_out_tongue:

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That has been a problem, yes. He has a spot of ‘HewkiiMahri Syndrome’. I’m probably take that arm blade off. :slight_smile:

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Yeah looking like Pohatu and Nilkuu is a given, but he looks pretty okay, I’d turn the armor on the lower arm to face the side not the bottom.

But its a toa of stone that also has a matoran partner, what a coincidence. and He’s even carrying him on his shoulder.

[quote=“JediTimeLord824, post:5, topic:34817”]
I didn’t even see that MOC! Now I feel like I just shamelessly copied something I didn’t even see.

I’m not blaming you for copying me or anything, plus we basically just made Pohatu clones :stuck_out_tongue:


Woah, I didn’t even see that MOC! Now I feel like I just shamelessly sopied something I didn’t even see.
Thanks for the tips, though!

I know. My younger brother even asked if I had just given Pohatu more muscles.

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Nice MOC, although I think it resembles Pohatu a little to much. I also think this MOC is a little on the simple side.

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I have a syndrome named after me?
my bucket list is complete

You must be so proud.

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