Poseable Mctoran MOC

This is a slight modification I made of a Wombat Combat Pictures’ design. It allows the Mctoran take all kind of poses, but maintain their original style.

Unlike the Wombat design, they move the legs forward, so they are able sitting. Is just one block taller than a Mctoran, so he look like a normal Matoran next to the Toa and Turaga.

Since I don’t have all pieces I made some render for the rest of the gang

Here are the instructions (feel free to use them):

Despite the axle pins not entering completely in the axle connector, the build is very stable and won’t fall apart.
All the pieces come in the all necesary colors, with the exception of the thin liftarm that don’t exist in lime (sorry Kongu). You can also change four thin liftarms (and the bar), for two thick liftarm with a pin and axle hole (and two axle pin). This piece exist in lime (hurray Kongu).

And yes, they’re Boxor-compatible

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Instructions for each part and other builds here.


The design keeps getting better! This is awesome, good job!


These areeeeeeeee amazing!!!

Impressive! I may be hitting up Bricklink for a few of these parts!

I love this! great MOC!

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Finally I got more pieces to create more Mctoran. You have Takua and Jala about to do something very brave or very stupid.

Takua facing the Pahraks like a champ.

Tahu arrival to Ta-Koro

And Nuparu, Onepu and Taipu watching a work well done. I don’t have yet the pieces to make Taipu poseable, but you have it as a comparison of a regular Mctoran.


These are wonderful. I’m most blown away by the instruction sheet you made though. Was that all done in Stud.io?

Wow these are amazing, I really should getting on to ordering the parts to make them

Yes, is all Studio made.

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Wow awesome, i want to try!!!
Thanks for the instructions

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Matoro has joined the party!


OMG, Nostalgia overload! I can’t handle it!

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It might be a bit greedy but I hope that someday we’ll have a design where we can move the legs both forward AND backwards. For now, forwards is preferable though, because it’s more useful.

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This is amazing! Now I want to make some of these myself :slight_smile:

Very cool design

I tried to make the legs move both ways, but I didn’t like the result. Without adding more hight to the build, the end result was like trying to rotate a square in a tight space.

So they can’t do a split, but nethier do I.

suggestion, why don’t you try those bar pieces with the mixel joint on the end of them for more poseability (is that how you spell it?)

If you mean this pieces:

I don’t know if there are any hole connector that have an axle or pin connector in the other side, to be able to put them in the build.

what does the number next to the piece’s serial number mean?

If I’m not wrong, that the color number. Studio generate them automatically.

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