Possible Fan fic(need 2015 to come first) Mocs

HEY! I'm new here! but I have myself some mocs I did(And on self) that I may be uploading daily! for now though I am just giving you a quick update about WHY I am doing mocs. see for me the end of the bionicle series was really a downer...because of this I started wondering how I could help bring it back...needless to say...that never became a dream...once I saw the end to bionicle...I started to lose interest...before I saw the end of Bionicle however I was a HUGE fan and didn't even know about hoe to make mocs till I read the Book of Rahi made by non other then the creator of bionicle himself Greg Farshtey. this got me into a whole new world of bionicle. way before I even knew about the piraka and voya nui. now I know what your gona say "Why did you go back from the end to somewhere in the middle? and what does this have to do with your mocs?" here is my answer to that...I actually made mocs just for the hell of making mocs...then Bionicle .com made it so I could share my mocs with the world. as far as popularity I could have cared less I was just happy to get my mocs out there. but as we already established by what I said near the end...I lost interest because it was the end...I felt to sad...that sadness turned into depresion...eventually leading to me just...feeling normal...I left my bionicles out in the cold so to speak and I hadn't moced sense...but one day before I even knew about what I was doing I started to take notice. these characters of mine from the old days (Rakshi) got knocked out of this box I had them in...I got curious and took a look in the box and saw even more of the characters...each of them just astounded me...even if I had lost memory of the name...eventually I found a bunch of pieces that weren't put together in a store and started to put them together in different ways...little by little my childhood started coming back to me...and then...TTV came into my life and showed the new Bionicle sets. thats when my life came back...I started to build even more and took apart just to put back together in different ways and eventually started making a fan fiction in my head(Which I am starting to work on in DeviantArt) and then I started to find life in my work...now I do what I can. My hope is that it might become another part of the Bionicle universe one day but I don't hold my breath for things like that...I am just glad I can share my work with the world...thats all I care about...so now that the langthy(And possibly full bio of my Bionicle for life which I will probably post as part of my profile...) I will leave you with pics when I can but for now this is all I can give ^^; sorry...

Edit: Ok so I have been getting a lot of grief on the masks so I am just gona come out and say it (Don't read if you don't want spoilers)

In my alternet universe of bionicle while Mata nui is gone bara magna(Or sphereus magna if you prefer)is in peace...but SOMEONE comes from the body of Teradax(COUGH Makuta COUGH)and has enslaved bara magna taking over not only the Skrall and whats left of the makuta but little by little they take over the dark hunters and an other rouge members that are against the toa, the glatorian and the order of mata Nui. now after this fight they deffeat all three groups making it seem like all hope is lost...but dark hunters find a a legend inscribed in stone tablets deep below Bara magna that fortold of heros that would come of matoran...for this reason the SOMEONE ordered that all matoran and agori(Which for sake of being simple were renamed matoran by their ruler)have their masks removed as a symbol of their slavery...special exceptions for this rule were the bone hunters and any matoran that believed that they would do better if they worked with this new enemy there by placing their name as Shadow Matoran and becoming along with the Skrall and the Bone hunters Slave drivers of the Matoran...for this reason the only Matoran that are alowed masks are the ones that are part of eliet guard with the only exceptiond beign Bone hunters...in the mids of this chaos six matoran(More spoilers the six above) get pulled into a situation that they know not what to do with...kidnaped and asked to fight along side a resistance team simply named The resistance they meat not only their leader who calls himself a Matoran of Light but also many renegade Dark hunters and surviving hero's...but among this team there are few that can meet the standards asked for by the resistance and there for making their odds of facing this new threat Slim to none...the rest will be revieled later on down the road with more mocs...

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Moving to Creative Content: Lego Creations

thanks ^^;

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so anyways I don't know how else to do this so here it is these are the Matoran of the fan fic...going from left to right there are the matoran of air(And jungle because I might as well) stone, fire, water, Ice, and earth. each on will get their own bio later on but these are the basic builds so any and all comments are welcome! And before anyone asks the reason why they all look like body builders with the borak arms is because-(insert Ideas here) your not gona find out till later XD


potatoes moc reviews episode 1:
The yamitoran

from left to right we unnamed matoran of air unnamed matoran of stone unnamed matoran of fire unnamed matoran of water unnamed matoran of ice and unnamed matoran of earth
lets start off with the pros
they are parts bags, they come with recolours, and useful pieces!
They have, okay posability
They have no mask
or eyestalk
so they look kind of souless
There arms are sorta wierd with out they are attached
same with the legs, and they are a little flat
Otherwise, they are pretty okay

Now, I just gave a critque in an eljay recap style, if you need any ideas, like masks or stuff, just ask


yes well the reason for no masks will be explained later...as for the no Eyestalks and lack of mobility...well...thats kinda heard to explain...your gona have to just wait for the first matoran XD

no eyestalks are still undenyably spooki

again reason for that...

I read what you said, notice the STILL

To Critique!!
Pros: They are parts packs, & seem like they have useful parts.
They have old parts, so that's useful.
They use slightly nice proportions.
Cons: They have no mask, nor eyestalk,
so they look soulless.
They look like good guy clones

they pretty much are...

two of these things I said, and he already answered, check above

yes I understand...

Am I the only one who like these simple builds? I mean they are matorans... most common villagers, basic "people" of bionicle universe so they do not have to be OP and armored... But where's the mask? I know, I know you have a reason for that, but isn't that reason created because you don't have masks for them?


actually no...spoiler these are actually just basic forms and have no mask because of SOMEONE not wanting SOME PEOPLE to Rise from the matoran...






He's new. He won't get it. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, apart from the lack of Masks, I like these little dudes. They remind be a lot of the McToran in some ways.

well the Idea was for a memorable yet darker looking version of the matoran...

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My full thoughts below. I warn you, don't read unless you're prepared for critique, which is in this case rather harsh.

As much as I hate to say this.....these are not impressive. At all. Fifteen pieces each, no eyestalks (I don't care if there's a reason, I'm critiquing the MOCs), no masks (thus throwing the colors off for all of them aside from the Earth one), and no weapons or even names. Normally I hold back more than this, so I'm sorry if this seems harsh, but it's just my thoughts. As much as I'd love to say, "I really like these little guys!," it'd be an outright lie.